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Default Working out at the gym vs. working out at home

When I had my first big weight loss, it was because I was going to the gym on my lunch break, which was surprisingly easy, and fun. But, since then, I've changed jobs, and can't do that anymore, so I have to go after work. This I don't enjoy as much, so its been hard commiting.

I always feel like I work harder when I go to the gym, but I end up getting home so late (since I don't have a car, and have to use public trans.), and it doesn't do much for my moral. I would like to work out at home, but I wanna burn calories and have fun.

What do ya'll think?
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why don't you try getting some dvd's from the library try them at home and see how you like that.

Personnaly that is what I am doing and I am losing and having fun.
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I like being able to do both--if you don't find hitting the gym fun, I'd look into taking classes at your gym. I'm a fan of cardio kickboxing! I also enjoy being able to be at home to work out. I've got some Tae Bo workouts coming to me from Netflix! With Netflix, I can try out all sorts of at-home workouts (I just re-signed up yesterday, so I'm super excited about this!), and if I find one I REALLY love, then I'll buy the DVD.
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Whatever you'll do.

I started out at a gym, and going to the gym was relatively easy for me. Then life circumstances changed, and I started struggling to actually make it over to the gym every day. So I made some investments in equipment that allowed me to do all of the exercise I needed to do at home, and now am doing that.

Whatever will work for you is what you should do. DVDs, cardio equipment, weight training supplies, etc...they can all help you get a great workout at home.
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I am one that loves to work-out at home. The time to just get to the gym and back and manuever to park and get to the changing room and change and...etc. etc. is MORE than a good workout time.

I also am trying to cut back on T.V. soooo I have the main exercise equipment in the TV room and get 2 birds at once. Get a little tv BUT I am doing something constructive while watching it. There are also a lot of low cost great exercise equipment.

Me and my wife picked up a few weeks ago a $19 combo at walmart that had an exercise ball (the big inflated ones) a workout mat, a yoga strap, and an exercise band. I also bought a dumb-bell set of 2 bars that I can go between 5 and 20lbs on each for around $35. Yes we have a gazelle, but we also have a stepper. There is such a huge used exercise equipment market you can probably find some cardio equipment for under $200.

As was stated above I think the best exericse statement is this: the best exercise is the exercise you do. Sure I would have access to better equipment, a pool, all kinds of neat stuff at a gym. But would I go there? For me....no. So I know myself and am getting just fine workouts at home. And the positives are no travel time, can wear what I want, watch what I want on tv, etc.

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Hi! I have found that I do much much better working out at home than I do at the gym. I don't know how many times I joined a gym, paid the monhly fee, and almost never went. For me this was because I was so tired after working from 8 to 5 that I just wanted to go home and not to the gym. I hated going to the gym right after work for 3 reasons - tired from work, hungry for dinner, and the gym is always packed after work. And then there was the problem of this - if I went home after work and ate dinner first, there was no way that I was going to leave the house again and go to the gym at 8 pm. It wasn't so bad when I was in college because I wasn't working 9 hours a day and I could go during the mid morning or afternoon, but no longer now that I am in the real world.

So - this time around - I am doing the gym at home. I bought an elliptical last year - nothing too spiffy, it was about $350. It's no gym Precor, but it gets the job done. I also invested in a step with a video, an adjustable weight bench for doing free weights with a couple of videos, and lots of different workout DVDs (I really like the Walk away the pound series). I was very lucky to get a free treadmill a few months ago from my fiancee's parents so that has been added to my exercise routine. I still don't love exercising, and some nights I just don't want to do it, but it is much easier to put my workout clothes on after dinner and walk down to the basement rather than getting in the car to go to the gym. Plus I get to watch my nightly shows while exercising which is great.

You don't have to go out and buy expensive cardio equipment to make a home gym. Get some dumbbells, some workout dvds, maybe a step, and a resistance band and a ball, and you're ready to go.
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Same with me, have joined various gyms in the past and never stuck with them. I'm more of a loner, I like to work out at home, I don't like mirrors and noise, and other people's sweat.

So in my "home gym" I have dumbells (8 lbs, 12, and 15), a new barbell with up to 50 lbs of weights for variety - the dumbells go on a dumbell rack in my coat closet, the bar in back. I have an exercise bike I bought off Amazon.com that was a top seller, not much over $100 that folds up and doesn't take much space. My newest love is a mini trampoline, it's energizing to bounce, do jumping jacks, etc. on it several times a day, sometimes for some serious workouts like jumping rope (without a rope) tonight with alternating situps, pushups, etc. I have over 20 exercise dvds, I pick them based on my moods - but I'll alternate cardio and weight routines usually every other day, or will do both on some days. I love kick boxing and bootcamp dvds, they really get the blood pumping. I just bought the Dancing with the Stars dvd, I figure if I'm going to workout I might as well learn some ballroom dancing so I can take it on as a real hobby when I have more time someday. There's days I'll go for a jog outside, a fast walk, and there's Saturday "play days" which are 1-2 hours of activity with my little boy. You'll find some great books out there with routines to follow at home too. Most hollywood bodies weren't made because of advanced moves, simple dumbells and cardio can do it all. I don't even like machines.
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One suggestion is a gazelle. I like it because it is non-impact and it works out legs and arms and you CAN get a good cardio on it.

A good model is around $200 and you can go a bit less or more. Ironically Tony Little on his workout videos is not bad at all. Actually toned down from salesman Tony and pretty decent. But you do not need the workout videos after you see them a couple of times.

I was thinking of upgrading to an ellpitcal at some point...but really no reason to. Also the $200 model had a 300lb weight limit which was good for me.

As mentioned above lots of great equipment not too expensive. Check out walmart if you shop there (I respect people who do not). Actually quite a good little exercise section in my store at good prices (I compared to online and other stores).
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Originally Posted by NoVaVTFan View Post
I don't know how many times I joined a gym, paid the monhly fee, and almost never went. For me this was because I was so tired after working from 8 to 5 that I just wanted to go home and not to the gym. I hated going to the gym right after work for 3 reasons - tired from work, hungry for dinner, and the gym is always packed after work. And then there was the problem of this - if I went home after work and ate dinner first, there was no way that I was going to leave the house again and go to the gym at 8 pm.
That's my story, too. I actually have to admit that with my last gym membership, I paid the monthly fees (they were automatically withdrawn from my account) for over a year AFTER I STOPPED GOING THERE. Can you imagine the waste of money?
I am a bit intimidated by all the beefed up people there (I would probably do better if it was for women only) and my workouts were usually quite short and probably not very efficient. I was much younger then. No, in perimenopausal stage of my life, I tend to sweat more and because I have a very fair skin, I get very red in my face and it takes a long time for it to return to normal.
But the most important factor is time: I have dogs and there is no way I am going anywhere after work. I always go home first to take care of the dogs and they are used to us going for a walk when I come home (i.e. spring-summer-fall). There is actually a new gym very close to my place of work (we are in a "techno-town" - an area where several technological companies built their offices) but I cannot imagine working out at lunchtime with other people from the office and after work, it is out of question due to time constraints. So I bought a treadmill and I am really enjoying it (I have had it for only a month). But, I hope that I will stick with it and if I do, I will consider buying another machine. It would be cheaper to work out at a health club (I think I am entitled to a $200 annual contribution towards my membership from my employer) but I much prefer the fact that I don't have to go anywhere other than down a flight of stairs in the basement.
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I do both, I go to the gym Monday, Wednesday and Friday AM and I TRY and get there on the weekends. I can't make the step classes at the gym becuase they are a little too early, so I have a step at home and do those on my day off, I also have yoga DVD's and what not at home. Have you tried step aerobics? I love it, I concentrate more on where my feet are than how much I want to die from sweating- It is fun and takes up little room!
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