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Default Runners: Pronation Help

Is it possible to have a different pronation between walking and running? and if not... is it possible yours might change as you lose weight?

Traditionally I pronated outwards... the outside souls of my daily shoes that I've worn for a couple of years are quite worn but I was quite heavy too.

I just started running last month. I'm doing one of those walk/run programs. On my last run my one foot hurt a bit. It was fine when I ran on the outside edge of the foot but any inward tiltage and I was getting a pain right under the ankle bone on the inside.

I was thinking I should get new shoes anyway (currently Gel Nimbus Asics) so I was planning on having them check my gait, but I was wondering if any of you found changes in the types of shoes you needed as you lost weight?

Is it just in my head?
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I don't know anything definitively but it is entirely possible. It is obvious that gait changes when you lose weight, especially a lot of weight. My shoe size dropped about a size when I lost weight (until I had a baby and then it grew back). I also developed a need for prescription orthotics at some point, even though I ran pain-free when I was heavier, after baby I developed plantar fascitis (sure I spelled that wrong). I got some expensive non-prescription but custom inserts once and the fitter told me that if I lost 30-40 pounds I'd need to have them redone.

Getting your gait analyzed sounds like the best idea to me.

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The *exact* same thing happened to me! When I first started trying to exercise I was at about 260 lbs. and I had a problem with my feet turning in. I went to a specialty running shoe store and was told that Brooks Ariels were the best for my gait. And they were awesome ... until about a year ago when I switched from walking to running. At this point, I was at about 180 lbs. Another trip to a running shoe store, and now I find out that I've got issues with my feel turning out. Now, I use Mizuno Wave Runner shoes, and they work well.
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Is it possible to have a different pronation between walking and running? and if not.

It's a different movement and it's entirely possible that you use your feet differently.

(For example, I wear the heels down fast on street shoes. But running, I'm a toe-striker and see shoe wear mainly beneath the balls of my feet.)
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