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Default Two questions

Sadly, I am not a regular exerciser, but I am trying! I've been walking on the treadmill for the last few days (between 4 and 4.3 mph) and when I finish, my lower back hurts. I usually have to take some tylenol for it. Could this be something that will go away as I lose weight? I just wonder if my additional weight is causing too much pressure.

Also, does anyone have any suggestions for books or websites for weightlifting? Once school starts my time will be limited, so I'd like to figure out a way to get a couple of good workouts in weekly. Would two days a week be enough?

I really want to keep up with exercise, but I can't spend hours in the gym. I need an efficient workout.

Thanks for any help
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The lower back thing was happening to me as well. I figured it was just me or that I was working too hard. Then, I bought a new treadmill with super cushioning and it went away. If you are already using one of these, I would talk to my doctor just to make sure there is nothing seriously wrong. Good luck!
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Another thing that is important are you core muscles (most notably the front and sides of your abs) because those muscles are the ones that support your spine and basically the whole rest of your body. Do lots of exercises to build those muscles and it will help your back pain.

Having said that it may be worth going to a chiropractor to get a professional opinion as well!

I'm not sure of weight lifting sites, just do a google search and see what you can find.

Good luck!
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Not too sure about the back thing. On the weight lifting, have you visited the Ladies and Gents Who Life forum here at 3FC? There is a lot of good information there on the stickies.
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Your sore back could be caused because of your shoes. Go to a reputable walking or running store to be fitted properly... As you lose weight I am sure you will feel better, but see your doctor for a good check up before starting any exercise program...

Some good weight lifting sites : Krista Smash is a great site, so is About.com.weights
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On my walking DVD by Denise Austin she says that walkers get a sore lower back from time to time. Her suggested stretch both before and after is to sit in a chair and put your hands under your thighs and curve your back into a "c", hold that, then straighten up and do it again. it helps a lot!
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