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Default YMCA! What do you think??

Hey guys!

Need a little input. I am thinking about joining the YMCA. I havecome so far in my weight loss efforts and I actually enjoy working out! I want to have more of a challenge and variety in my workout...so here I come YMCA. What do you think?? Is it worth the price, is there another gym that compares??

Oh, a personal trainer cost 300 for 6 session. Is that okay? I dont know much about gym cost and etc....

Thanks guys!!
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I don't know much about gyms or going rates for personal trainers, but I joined the YMCA for the summer. I really enjoy it! It's a comfortable environment with a variety of people. They aren't set on selling a bunch of upgrades, services and all that, just offering a healthy place to work out and hang out. My YMCA is family-friendly but not over-run with children.
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Hi there! At first glance, $300 for six sessions with a trainer seems pricey; this is the price for a trainer at the YMCA? Did you inquire as to how long each session is? As a comparison, for example, I have a personal trainer at my local private racquetball club, and she charges $100 for six 30-minute sessions. I'm assuming the ones at the Y are 60 minutes in length, given that price. I will say that cost seems to be a poor indicator of value when it comes to trainers; instead, focus on whether s/he works you to your satisfaction, listens to your feedback, etc. Have fun with it -- it's kinda cool to show a trainer how you're progressing!
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I don't know about the personal training, but I love my Y. It's a great, diverse place and the workers and patrons are friendly and helpful.

If you're going to join and are thinking about hiring a personal trainer, I'd hang out at the gym and do your own thing for a few weeks before hiring someone. That way you can watch the trainers working with people and see who seems helpful and attentive to their clients, and who seems like they're not paying attention or not pushing their clients enough. I've been going to my gym long enough and frequently enough that I know which of the trainers I'd hire and which I absolutely wouldn't.

I don't know about everyone else's Y, but kids don't come into the gym in mine and they're not allowed into the paid locker room either. They swarm around the pool and the courts and outside, but they are never in the actual places where I'm working out or showering or having a soak. Personally, this works for me.

Ooh, also, when you join the Y you can get your body fat tested for free (or for $5). This is kinda nice (albeit possibly emotionally painful!) because if you get it done every 3 months or so, you'll be able to experience some nice NSVs--especially helpful for when your weight loss slows down, or you've built a bunch of muscle. I'm really looking forward to my second test in August!
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Baffed took the words right out of my mouth! I absolutely LOVE the Y. I used to be a member at one in Savannah and I loved it so much. I never hired a personal trainer at the time. I just watched and asked for help if I needed it and I was in the best shape of my life. I even had the big up buff dudes asking me what was I training for because I was so cut....sigh...Those were the day's.... I'd join one now if there was one closer to me than an hour away. One of the drawbacks to being in a small town. I wish everyday that I had a YMCA close. I say go for it and enjoy, but wait a lil' bit on hiring a trainer. You may find that you don't even need one.
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I know this will sound really stupid, but I live in Chile and donīt know what YMCA is...
Can anybody tell me?
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YMCA stands for Young Men's Christian Association, an agency that offers many services, and in this case, people are referring to the part of that organization that is a gym for exercise.
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I'm wanting to join the Y here myself, but waiting on hubby's raise to swing the extra in the budget. Here, they offer daycare services. So anytime I would be working out, I could leave my son in daycare. They charge nothing extra for it, and they don't even charge for him to be at the Y until he's 3. And I can get him out of the daycare when I'm done with my workout and take him to their indoor pool. My brother has a family membership. They use the Y for their son's birthday parties as well.
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Thanks everyone for your input! i will give it a try. I am tired of jumping up and down over my neighbors heads. I will wait on the trainer. I look at their website and I am excited. I will drop in sometime and give it the once over! Thanks again!!!!
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I used to work at my old YMCA and I loved it there. The staff were all super nice and helpful adn wanted to get you fit. My Y had a free six week fitness check where you were paired with a personal trainer and met with him/her on week 1 and they gave you a run down of all the equipment and figured out a game plan and then you had to check in each week to say you were doing your workouts. I moved before my time was up but it was nice to be accountable to someone. Maybe your Y will have a similar program.
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I love, love, love our YMCA. We really utilize a lot of their services, especially the water park and the kid's sports programs. However, I also go there about 5 days a week to exercise. They have free day-care but I have yet to use it because I go when the kids are in school/camp.

Ours has this program called "YPF" - YMCA personal fitness. Basically you meet with their personal trainer once every 2 weeks for 8 weeks (4 sessions). They help you get started with the machines, set you up on Fitlinxx, and help you figure out what machines are good for you. Best of all, the program is FREE!
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