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Question Marathon - am I crazy?

There is a local marathon I want to run in on 21 Oct. Just over 8 months away. If I start training right now do you think I could do it? I am in pretty good shape. A little soft around the middle, but decent endurance none the less.

I found a 19wk training schedule online to build mileage, then a 18wk marathon schedule. I am already a week behind in the schedule, but I don't think I'm behind physically.

Am I crazy for wanting to attmept this? I do LOVE to run. I haven't had the chance to run for a while though. I've been working on an elliptical cuz it's been to cold to go outside.

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Hmmm it depends I guess, what milage are you doing right now/have you done before? In no way am I suggesting that its not a goal to aim for but maybe a half marathon first to take the pressure off (considering you mention you are behind on training schedule)?
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I ran my first 1/2 marathon last month. I plan to run another in May and maybe my first full marathon in January 2008. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication. If you have not done much running or speed walking in the past, I would first try a 1/2 marathon and work up to the full.

I started running in January 2006. I ran 3 5K races and 1 10K race through the year and did my 1/2 marathon 1 year later. Yes you can train in a short period of time, but pushing it too hard and fast can result in injury.

So, if you are not currently running or doing a walk/run program, I would scale back to a 1/2 marathon first.

Hope that helps.

By the way, which marathon are you thinking of running?
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Personally, I think anyone considering a marathon is crazy.

My old neighbor trained for the Marine Corps Marathon in 6 months. But he was already running half-Maris and was extremely fit to begin with.

I'd say, like the others, it depends on where you are now. If you're just starting or only do a couple of 5Ks a year, I'm not so sure.
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I'm not currently running, per say. I do pretty well on the elliptical. I know I'm not getting the full range of motion, but i've got some good endurance.

I guess I'll start with the mileage buildup schedule and see how i'm doing.

It's the Wichita Marathon, in Wichita, KS.
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I'm planning one for then (and I think it's that weekend too!) and I haven't run since my disasterous non-training-and-hence-injured 10K last weekend but before that I'd run October in a half Marathon.

So I'd say it's do-able and to build up your mileage. I have a friend who used to train on her elliptical for some of her marathon training sessions.
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Frus - it is that weekend

Yes, it's crazy, but it's good crazy

I did a marathon last September. I've got really into running, and it's how I lost most of my weight, but even so it was a big ask, and there were times when I wondered whether I really wanted to put myself through it. Just as a pointer of where I was at when the idea popped into my head, I ran a 10k in September 2005 and my second in November 2005. I then decided to try a half, which I trained up for and had planned for February 2006. Before running it (so around this time last year) the marathon idea popped into my head. I ran the half at the end of last February, another half in June and then the marathon in September. I personally think I didn't have enough of a base to do myself justice in the marathon, and I was pretty disappointed with how my training went and the race on the day, but I made it round in one piece, and I enjoyed it enough that I'm currently training for my second (and third!) marathon.

If there is time before registrations close, I'd start the training before committing. If you have to make the decision now, think long and hard about whether you can spare the time (a 3 hour training run really does eat into your day, particularly when you have to spend the rest of the day recovering!), and whether you're committed enough to the goal to stick through it when your legs are tired beyond belief and you can't face running another mile. If you can face that thought, then go for it!
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