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Question Help with finding a Beginners DVD

I am very new to exercise I had been walking and that went pretty well for a few months but then my doctor no no'ed walking due to my arthritis and suggested a recumbent bike that I am going to pick up on Friday. I am also looking for a toning DVD that is for beginners and I mean a beginner I have never done any kind in my life avoided PE like the plague! I have no idea what I am doing at all! I have bought 2 "beginners" DVDs one is Pilate's and I just can't get it. The other is a Prevention beginners?? Well I need help with this one I just don't know what to do? I went to a gym and had a free training session but all that she did was put me on a bike then toning tables that I didn't understand??? UUUUUUGGGGGHHHHH I am at a loss for what to do next I really need to do this I need to loss weight and get toned but have so much trouble with being able to do it....Help....Please
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Try swimming? You can do aqua aerobics with no impact to your arthritis, or try a swimming lesson if you're up to it. What don't you get about Pilates? I found the breathing difficult to learn, but you keep at it and eventually it falls into place!
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Oooh! Oooh! I have one!!! I lost a lot of weight doing Extreme Makeover Fitness. It's a great DVD for beginners and it even has scheduled workouts for every day of the week. I loved it!
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ok, this might sound dumb, but any richard simons videos, rockin to the 90's for instance...i think thats what it was called...i havnt gotten a dvd by him in ages...but i remember how low endurance it was, but still gave a nice wrokout...plus its fun! im sure u can find i on amazon.com...
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hehe, sorry bout that, i looked it up and its "sweating to the oldies"...well i was close! heres the link...
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I agree with Aggie. Richard Simmon's videos are pretty low key, or you can tone them down to be low key. There's lots of different videos. There's some that focus specifically on toning that are fun. The "Tone Up on Broadway," "Supertonin'," and "Blast and Tone" are all pretty basic toning DVDs. Good for beginners, and much easier that pilates!!
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Other excellent beginner workouts:

~Firm Up Fast Walk-Leslie Sansone (this is a strength training workout, not walking)

~The Strength Walk-Leslie Sansone (they sell this dvd at the Jenny Craig website. It has two workouts to alternate-one is walking with 2 pound weighted balls, the other is a 20 minute full body strength training segment. Alternate the workouts each day, and you get both toning and cardio.)
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I would reccomend the Crunch DVD --fat burning pilates--, as a beginner.If you want you can alternate the cardio section and the mat section untill you can do both in one day.Don't be discouraged by the pilates part-I cannot do pilates either and this dvd is great for me.The instructer is good to listen to as well and one of the girls does the modified versions of the tougher moves.I found it at walmart.
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I, too, have wasted TONS of money on exercise videos done by scrawny instructors (do NOT get Fitness Over 40 - those women are about as real as Jessica Rabbit and don't even sweat).

I've got Leslie Sansone's "You Can Do Pilates" and I would swear by it! I love it - she's got one regular workout that is 15 minutes and a "challenge" with resistance bands for 10. She's very encouraging although she's very small.

I also have a "Just My Size" Yoga workout with a plus-sized lady doing the instruction. It's perfect for newbies, and lasts 30 minutes.

I bought the Yogilates, vol. 1 for Beginniers and did it - divided into 3 sections of 15 minutes each. Watch out for this one - I'm not exactly sure I'd call it "Beginner" when the folks in the DVD are sweating! It is a great workout, however.

Good luck!
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It isn't on DVD, but I started out by using Susan Powter's "Building Strength" tape. She really bothers some people, but I don't mind her. Also she has larger people in the video, which makes it feel less intimidating than some. It goes through some basic strength training and she shows you how to modify to fit your fitness level. You can get it used for really cheap on Amazon.
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