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Originally Posted by jahra View Post

I did order the Fluidity Bar and I love it! I used it this winter
along with the original dvds and recently purchased the new
dvd series. It is permanently set up in my dance studio room
so I do not have to store it. That said, it is the best piece of
equipment I have along with a Pilates stick and pilates circle.

I also use the Bar method dvds for variety and I have been very
happy with the results.


I have joined a local gym for a few months so my Fluidity
Bar will get more use again in the Fall and Winter. I want to take
advantage of the gym machines while it is still here-many have closed
in our area

Please update us and let us know how you like the Fluidity system!


Thank you so much for your post, I will let you know when I get it, I am really looking forward to using it.

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Is anyone still using this equipment? I was thinking of ordering it to give it a go. I really want to do some dancer-oriented toning. I want to eventually take dance classes and this appeals to me.
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I just broke out my fluidity bar after about a year of collecting dust in the closet and I am really enjoying it. I have some limitations now with exercise that I didn't have before and this seems to be a good fit. The reason I wasn't using it before was related to my readiness and not the fluidity bar itself. I'm hoping that getting active again after a long hiatus will get me past the plateau that I've been at for some time now. How are the newer DVDs? So far I'm just using the originals but I would like more variety.
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That looks kind of neat but I could make the same thing out of about $50 worth of metal plumbing bits from Lowes. Granted it wouldn't fold up, but still.
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That's great if you're creative enough to build it and motivated enough to create your own routine. I really like the convenience of being able to fold it up and slide it into the closet where it fits perfectly against a wall and takes up no space. My husband is a plumber so I could probably make one without buying anything but honestly that process requires two different types of motivation to create it and then use it - I'm only up for one right now and I'd rather it be the workout. I also really need the videos to keep me on track and motivated and making sure my session lasts a certain amount of time. I hope you've found something that works well for you.
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Thumbs up Just received the bar this week

My husband was VERY skeptical because I have purchased equipment in the past and haven't used it for one reason or another. So he let me try the in home trial for 14.95, and so far I love it! I had some lower back problems from lifting a giant roll of carpet, and after using the bar 1 and 1/2 times (due to a interruption from a phone call), my back feels great. I will post more the more I use it, but so far I really really like it and think it is totally worth the money.
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Default Fluidity Bar 2012

Hi there! I am so happy to see there are a few of you that are begining to use the bar in 2012! Mine should be arrving in a week. I too, have a back probelm,,a Spinal Fusion..I got tired of my Aero PIlates machine..it gave me a headache..seriously..the laying down jumping, made my neck and head hurt..I have 30 days of which to do this 3 times a week plus whatever else I can throw in the mix. Truth be told,I hate exercising.. Its boring and I' d rather be hiking..but since its winter and freezing cold, I decided on this. Lets bond together and kept eachother updated.

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How is it going with your fluidity bar? I had to take a break due to various issues and have certainly seen my lack of activity show up on the scale and in my clothes. I'm back at it and I've ordered some other videos to help with the variety. For now, I'm using the Fluidity videos and then my own routine on off days. I really find this to be the easiest thing on my body as any impact has become out of the question. I'm also hopping on the stationary bike several times a week. Here's hoping I'll get back to where I was before my haitus and then more progress from there.
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Red face Better late then never.

I had a bar and donated it to a fundraiser. Now I am looking for another. Wow. Hope those good intentions will help find another bar!

QUOTE=littlerozzee;1487675]Hi everyone

I was just wondering if anyone has tried the Fluidity Bar. I just saw the informercial the other day and I am quite interested in this product. I checked with the informercial review web site and there is some positive feed back on the product. Sometimes I wonder if the comments made on that site are real and I know that I will get real honest opinions here.

Take care
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Hi I recently bought the Fluidity bar from Craigslist. I only have two of the DVDs but so far I love it. I've been using it for about 2 weeks and I can tell a big difference in my flexibility. I'm going to order the remaining DVDs and bands from the website tomorrow so hopefully I can start alternating beginning with Intermediate in November.

Is anyone still using their bar? How long did you use it before you saw results? And did you take the "pills" with it (I'm hoping for quick-ish results without using pills).

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I just ordered a Fitness barre from BalletBarreStore. They're having a sale now. It seems to be similar to the fluidity barre (minus the mat). I've been wanting a ballet barre FOREVER, so this was just the ticket. I can't wait to try it!
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Red face fluidity: HELP!

Tried It For Two Days And Im A Big Woman, I Couldnt Get My But Off The Floor, Or Lift My Legs. The Legs Stretches Were Oka, But I Had To Send It Back. Though It Cost Me To Do It. I Just Wanted It Out My House, Now Im Going To A Free Gym Work Out My Own Way. Except I Cant Get Away From The Cookies,
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I Couldnt Get My But Off The Floor, Or Lift My Legs.
If you are talking about the flat back exercises, they ARE hard. I sometimes go to a studio that does flat back. They say as long as you keep trying, you will be able to get to it slowly. If you are talking about the dip moves, Fluidity moves usually give a beginner modification that involves just leaning back. Some of the moves I can do the advanced but most of them I have to do beginner/intermediate on just the beginner dvd! Sorry you didn't like your fluidity bar!
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thanks for this!! I saw the informercial this morning and I am really considering! SO far no one is saying anything bad (other than price... but then again over the yeard how much crap that didn't work cost more or at least collectively)
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I just got my Fluidity bar from Craig's List and it did not come with the FluidityFit Guide to Healthy Eating. Could someone please fill me in on the plan please?
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