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Ms. Fat Smasher
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Default Do Kettle Bells Really Work For Weight Loss?

Hi all,

I just purchased a 25 pound kettle bell and just wanted to know if anyone out there has had any real weight loss success with kettle bells, and I would also love some tips on the workouts.
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Hi! I also just bought some along with the book Kettle Bells for Dummies. I just got them yesterday and I've started reading to book, it seems very straight forward and easy to follow.
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I have the Jillian michaels shred it with weights and they use kettle bells. Part one is obviously easier than two but you really get a great workout in 25 minutes and that includes cool down. I always end it with my shirt soaked. Not too hard but hard enough. I would suggest this DVD and good luck
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Fit before 30! 12/6/2013
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I've been researching (and reading the Weight training stickies in that forum) I have to figure out a good day (I do body pump)

Side note: "Jillian has the worest kettle bell form" (Note the quotes, saw this on a thread)
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Because I am.
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I enjoy using my kettle bells. I have several videos as well as a couple books that illustrate basic moves and suggest various routines. I like that the workouts combine weight training and cardio. I have a 5 pound and a 10 pound kettle bell. I don't think I could manage to do much with a 25 pound kettle bell. Just too heavy for me at present.
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Kettlebells are awesome because you get the benefits of strength training and cardio at the same time which means you get a lot of bang from a short workout. I agree with the comment about Jillian Michaels' kettlebell form. It is very poor. Go to youtube and you can find hundreds of videos demonstrating the basics like deadlifts, swings, snatches, squats, cleans, get ups etc...

I will say though, kettlebells are like any other workout. It won't get you to your weight loss goal unless you've got you're diet squared away too. That said, I've heard that you can burn as many calories doing kettlebell swings as you can while cross country skiing.
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Oh... I forgot to say, if you are doing kettlebells, don't wear shoes with a built up heel at all. I do kettlebells barefoot. If you aren't the barefoot type, wear converse or something very flat so your weight it back on your heel where it needs to be. :-)
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I want to try kettle bells, saw a 5 pound one I may get. Any suggestions on dvd's for a beginner like me?
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GoFit has a few intro level kettlebell DVDs aren't bad (Iron core is the name). I wouldn't recommend 5 lbs though, for a relatively beginner woman, I think 15 lbs would be a good intro level kettlebell. If you are really concerned, maybe 10 lbs but I wouldn't go lower than that. For a stronger woman, you'd want a 18-20 lb kettlebell to start with.
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Bought a 25 lb kettlebell and picked up the book, "Kettlebells for Dummies" and make great progress. I leaned out nicely and lost some body fat particularly in the torso area. I'm hoping to save my pennies and purchase a 35 lb one in the very near future as I'm starting to outgrow my 25-pounder on certain lifts. Love doing the swing, clean and presses, squats and turkish get-ups with them. I never got bored when working with them...fun workout! Hope that helps.

ETA: I was working out with free weights for awhile so hence the reason for purchasing a heavier one. If I was a relative beginner, I would've started out with a 10-15 lb one personally. You want to challenge yourself but not to the point where you cannot perform a move like a press (above your head) because it's too heavy. Form over ego IMO.

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Hi Fitmom well done that is some progress, did you do all your training from a book?

Can anyone recommend a good DVD for kettlebells?

Thanks a mill in advance
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I have been swinging a kettlebell for about 6 months. I learned from a book called "The Swing" by Tracy Reifkind. She also has some amazing videos. I do it twice a week. Very fun and works up a heck of a sweat.
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