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Question Treadmill or Elliptical??

DH and I are going to buy an exercise machine later this week, but I have no idea what to get. I have never owned a treadmill or an elliptical and kind of scared to put so much money into something that may or may not work. I am leaning towards elliptical because I am told that treadmills are hard on the knees and I have a history with my left knee.
Our absolute limit is $400, but if I can get something good for less than that, it would be awesome. Does anybody have experience/success with cheaper equipment? Just any advice on this would be greatly appreciated since I really have no idea what to look for in these things! Thanks in advance!!

Oh, and with ellipticals, is stride really that important? What is a good stride for someone that is about 5'9"?

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Proform has some decent cheaper models of treadmills, i'm sure they have some cheaper ellipitcals too. They sell them at sears or online on the proform website. I got one for $600 and it works fine.
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I really love our elliptical. We have a more expensive model, but it doesn't really matter- the reasons i love it are because of how quiet it is, and how versatile it is without being hard on the knees. I love that i can do it when the kids are sleeping, and that i can fold ours up and keep it out of the way.

I want to get a treadmill eventually because i love running, but not outside, however they are loud. If you are just going to be walking on them, its not so bad, but i find the motor louder than on an elliptical. If you have problems with your knee, running might not be good for it.

I think it is definitely possible to get something decent for around 400$. Sears has a good selection of lower priced equipment. If you can, go there and try out a few models, and stride lengths. I'm tall (6'0) so i needed a longer stride, but my husband who is 5'9 said the shorter strides felt fine to him. Another option is a bike. Those are cheaper too.

Hope you find something you like. It is so convenient having a gym in your house. i love it.
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I personally really prefer the elliptical because it burns calories much faster with less stress on the knees/hips. Other than that, I don't have much advice because I don't own one, I belong to a gym.
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I love my eliptical. Got it at Sears. It is in the spare bedroom. I see it everytime I go in or out of the master bedroom. It makes me feel guilty not to use it when I see it. Very quiet, so morning workouts energize me for the day.
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Default Elliptical . . .

I've been fortunate (or unfortunate, depending on whom you ask ) to have always had exercise/healthy eating/maintaining a healthy weight be part of my life, being a former professional dancer. I had a stair-stepper for several years, a treadmill for several years, and now an elliptical for three years and the elliptical is my favorite by far! I am 5'4" and my husband is 6'0" and we each use it 3-4 days/week. It was one of the lower-end models at Sears at the time that we bought it (I think around $300). We decided to take a chance and check-out Play it Again Sports . . . and they had the very same one that was "used". I don't know who used it, but they must've not worn shoes and the plastic layer that protects the screen was still on the display . . . no evidence of use whatsoever . . . and we paid just $150 for it. Another good way to get some decent quality exercise equipment for a lower price is to buy something refurbished from the company. I just bought an additional piece of equipment (a Pilates machine . . . have been doing Pilates for years), and I found a $700 machine in a refurbished model for $299. It looks and feels brand new. There aren't even any minor scratches and it has the same warranty. Sorry to be so long-winded but I hope that helped!
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this sounds kinda weird but i'd call around to a few gyms and see if they offer free passes and go and workout on each of them...me personally i love the elliptical at the gym but i'm sure i'd hate it at home. i hate working out at home and just recently got into using my treadmill which i've had for 2 years
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me4life, what a great idea!

I went around and did the free pass thing, but I ended up deciding to join after finding a place for $30/month! I just can't get motivated when I'm at home--but that's just me.

But as for the treadmill vs. elliptical question, I like that the elliptical is lower impact because your feet aren't pounding down

I'd say that unless you're really into running - which many people are - just go with the elliptical.

As long as that new machine doesn't turn into an extra coat rack
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As far as toning ur body ellipticals are better
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