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Smile My Exercise Ball!!

I have to share this story with my 3FC Friends.. I am not ashamed or embarrassed but my first experience on the ball is as follows:

Warning... Before you read my story.. do not be taking a drink.

The Ball.. oh yes, the most intimidating thing I now own.. It is large
and pink.. I sat on the ball just to try it out for size.. the thing did not squeal under the excessive 300 pounds of pressure that was just forced upon it THANK GOD . I sat on the ball and had no idea what to do so I left it sitting in the middle of the living room floor until My Husband came home.
When he got home I asked him to please see if he could figure out how to do crunches on it. Well, he figured it out right away. Then he said for me to try it. I said no I gotta pee first. He said.. just try it real quick.
Well.. I sat on the ball and went to move and slid off the ball and pee'd on the floor. ,,, I will try again tonight.

Anyone else have a funny workout story!!
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Haha, you warned him!
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HAHA, oh dear thank you so much for my laugh "of the day" that was a great out loud laugh story!

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Oh my gosh...

I LOVE it!

Thank you for sharing!
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Maintaining :)
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LOL - thanks for sharing!

I bought a beautiful purple yoga wedge after searching forever online for one that fit my budget. When it finally arrived, I carefully unboxed it, and lovingly put it upstairs in my workout room next to my purple yoga blocks. It looked so smart and sassy and ready for me to use - I couldn't WAIT until my morning routine.

The next morning, I jumped out of bed, excited that I would be able to try out my new wedge - those tight hips and hamstrings are gonna get a special challenge today, I thought! I bounded upstairs, only to find the carpet was now purple. My beautiful yoga wedge was no more. Our darling Chloe Cat had spent the night ripping it to shreds. She had also eaten the corners of my yoga bricks (only the purple ones - she didn't touch the blue).

So, I now use tattered purple yoga blocks and my trusty "thinly folded blanket" for my morning routine

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CountingDown, that's so sad!
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I can do this!
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That's a terrible shame, Counting Down! Can you get another one as a gift for the holidays? I'd love to hear how you (would) use it...I have such tight hips!
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I thought I'd reply since I got out of my class at the gym to use these huge, rubber balls. I was so afraid that it was just going to pop! Of course I had an odd, unexplainable, insane fear of balloons. O_O!
Anywho my trainer was showing me and I'll be honest the sit ups on there BURN. It feels great. Would have been better if I hadn't went to get up and crashed into some poor guy doing yoga beside me.

Oi vey,
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