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Default WHat would you buy?

To celebrate my first 50 lbs. lost, I'd like to add to my home gym/outdoor workout collection. I have a bike that I love, dumbbells, a step (for stair-stepping inside), resistance bands, an exercise ball, and good running shoes. I live in an apartment (second floor) and have 3 small kids so anything huge or requiring good storage is out. It also needs to be relatively cheap.

So, with these limitations and with the desire to add some variety to your work outs, what piece of exercise equipment would you purchase to celebrate?

Thanks in advance.
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Maybe one of those of urban rebounders? Might be fun for the kids as well. Give a great cardio-workout. I bought the name brand for a bit over $100 but people say there are 'off-brands' at Walmart for a lot less.

Mine came with an arm bar that I like a lot but I do not think you HAVE to have that. Without it, they are fairly small but do take up some room.

Other suggestion (probably not as fun for the kids) a good yoga DVD if you do not have one. Can use with the exercise mat, ball, and bands. Also I bought a balance board at Walmart for $14 dollars. Came with a DVD. Can do a lot of neat stretching and strength stuff with it and that is a small piece.
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It sounds like you have a lot of really great equipment. I think having items at home are helpful in motivating me to work out even when I can't make it to the gym.

I have the Bender Ball and an Ab wheel that are great for a good ab workout.

I also watch a lot of FitTV and do some of their work outs.. (for FREE) Supersets is a good workout!

Keep up the good work!
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