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Default Gazelle

Has anyone used one of these? I'm thinking about getting one for home since they are only around $100. I would just like to have something at home to do on days that I can't make it to the gym.
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You might want to try the does it work forum.I'm sure there is someone who has tried it.
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Wow! Is this a new forum? I just realized you posted in an Equipment forum, which I think is new.

I know some people really like them, esp. if they are particularly heavy/obese and need something easy on the joints that they can just get started with. However, I had one for about 2 years, and I used it. They're quiet, so they're good if people are sleeping in your house or for watching tv. But, I got bored on mine. I found I really could no longer get my h/r up with it, unless I did the whole push forward or backward thing, which honestly, you can't keep up for the whole time. So yes, you can get your h/r high, but it feels really awkward to maintain the position to do so. I find I like the treadmill or elliptical alot more for raising my heartrate while still being something I can do for 1/2 hr.
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I have no idea about the Giselle, but usually you get what you pay for. A good hint is that people who have cheap gym equipment NEVER use it and it just collects dust. While the cheap equipment owners may think they're just lazy when they stop using the equipment, I bet they actually quit because they don't like using the equipment because it feels so awkward. When you try gym quality equipment, you really notice the difference and can see why you can't sustain years of working out on MOST cheap stuff. There is an exception to every rule though, so I would love to hear from you chicks if you know of cheap but GOOD equipment (I'm looking for an elliptical but I'm afraid to buy any brand other than the one that I use at the gym).
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I bought one a few years ago. It was good, but I much preferred my treadmill. I gave it to sister Amy. I don't think she uses it, either. I think whether or not you like it will depend on what you have already been doing for exercise, and how it compares to your routine and fitness level. It may be perfect for a lot of people, but not quite enough for others. If you can try one out before buying, it could tell you a lot.

The one I had was the XL Glider from QVC, and is very affordable, yet still well made. It has hydraulic resistance, which was a nice feature to help it grow with you.
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I've never tried one, but a LOT of ladies on the 300+ forum have them and love theirs. You might try posting a question there - I know you could get a bunch of input!
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Gazelle LOVER here I really really get a great workout on mine, it's fun, I never get bored, and I work out on it for 60 minutes a day. I have noticed my thighs are really getting toned, and my weight loss has been consitant since I started using it. I for one would definitely recommend it!! It's well made and believe me it gets used regularly! It's the only piece of exercise equipment I have ever used that I know will never gather dust!!


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I am NOT a fan. I thought that it would be a good way to save money and get a good workout. I tested it at a store and I just felt like I was swinging. I couldn't get the motions down properly and it didn't feel like much of a workout because gravity does a lot of the movement for you.

I think with things like this it's better to save $$ and buy something better later on when you have enough saved.
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It is the only exercise equipment I have used. You can run uphill, ski and run on it. You can get your heart rate up and keep it up once you get used to the motion. My thighs are loving it (they have gone down and toned quite a bit). Put some good workout music on and after a 5 min warm up just go as fast as you can for as long as you can and try to push your time up.

What works for 1 will not work for another but my sister and I love it.
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Hi All!

I'm new here and just started WW. I ordered a Gazelle Sprintmaster from HSN and should have it in about a week. This machine retails for $279 on Tony Little's site and seems sturdier than the Edge model that goes for a C-note. I've seen Gazelles on TV and it looks like something very good for low-impact workouts. I have a bad back and feet and don't do much exercise. This, however, seems to fit the bill for an exercise I can afford, enjoy without pain and stick with. The motion reminds me of cross country skiing. I'm very excited about my new Gazelle and think it will be lots of fun.

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I love it!!! I never thought I'd say it, but exercise can be fun. This is a really great little machine and now I am actually looking forward to exercising. It makes me happy.

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I love mine. I can't wait to upgrade to one of the more expensive models.
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I have one - bought it because it was cheaper than an elliptical machine.
So far I've had more success with it than using a treadmill. I wasn't sure it would be good enough because there is no resistence - but it's all to do with how quick you go on it. I have noticed my butt and thighs shrinking!
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I have used my Gazelle more than any other piece of equipment I have ever bought. It folds up easily and lightweight. I honestly love this piece of equipment. It's perfect for small apartments or limited space. Just make sure you aren't too close to the tv when you start moving at a fast pace.
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Red face

I so love this forum. After tossing around ideas foran Elliptical, treadmill, or Gazelle, and reading about each in this forum, I have decided on this:

I had the $100 version a couple of yrs back and loved it, but had to sell it. I remember how much I loved it and got a realy good workout, upper & lower body, which I think is important. I remember being sore in all my muscles, even ones I didn't know exsisted, lol! In my opinion a treadmill just doesn't offer that and are way more expensive. I can't wait til Chritmas now!!! hehe
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