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Question Hypoxi? Vacuunaught?

Has any one tried this? You are meant to wear a vacuum suit of sorts on the 'problem area' while you exercise... apparently the vacuum increases circulation to the area and gives targetted weight loss.

Any thoughts or experiences?
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Don't waste your time. Here is a good article from Christian Finn (very level headed, does his research, and trustworthy in my opinion).
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OMG - I can't believe they're bringing THIS one back. I remember seeing ads for a "Slim-Suit" (not the bathing suit...this was a silver sweat suit with a port for your vacumn cleaner hose) that if you wore it just lying about the house, fat would be magically sucked away (wonder how well that would work with my Dyson? )

This one sounds like - you know that foodsaver thingy that's always being sold on Infomercials and at fairs - that sucks all the air out of the bag so the food stays fresh longer? This sounds like the same thing. Funny - I don't remember Mr. Foodsaver touting that the food SHRUNK in the process...oi.
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LOL yah versions of this one have been around for YEARS!! They just never give up trying to sell us the magic answer LOL
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