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Default does Hydroxycut work?

I am trying to lose like 20 pounds for a wedding which is on the 18th of Feb. I am currently on Hydroxycut and I am doing tae-bo, going to the gym and the slim in 6 program. I wanted to know if anybody out there think I can do it and if i cant how much can I lose in that time. Oh yeah...Im only eating 1500 calories a day...all opinions are welcome! Thanks Danielle
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Safe weight loss is 1-2 pounds a week--so a 10-pound weight loss is much more reasonable for that time span. Lose anymore and you risk dehydrating yourself as well as losing muscle instead of fat, both of which are not good--if only because they lower your metabolic rate making it even harder for you to lose further weight (not to mention a slew of other health issues.)

I really can't say much about the hydroxycut program (though from the ads it looks kinda hooey to me)--but do note that most of us here in 3FC are at best squeamish on diet supplements that requires no doctor consultation or prescription.
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aquawarlock is putting it very conservatively when she/her says at best squeamish, cause the best I've heard is that they all don't work period. The most extreme is that they will all kill u, period. No offense but it's the truth. Do I agree with the heavy warnings they post. Matter of fact, yes I do. But I still feel they go overboard and don't entertain them individual at all, just go on a broad base, when there have been limited insane side effects when so many of us, I included, have used these things for years. Key here is to still be careful and do some research of ur own on the contents of the supplement u may end up taking. Still love u all.
As for hydroxycut I have taken it in the past for more than 2 years and the new one in my honest opinion, is not worth the money. It had ephedra which was it's strength. The herb that makes u feel fuel is really not the best thing around. I can't say take hoodia yet cause I haven't taken it yet. There is stuff out there that may work but depends on how it interacts with ur body, in all truth. If u take the hydroxycut watch out cause of the caff. and please do follow the dosage instructions, cause a lot of bad stuff can happen when u don't. I keep hearing stuff about hoodia, and while there is a debate on whether it's legit hoodia, I gotta say that it looks like a lot but not all of it is fake. Do I believe that only that one company can sell, but not till a few years more, no way. Just like some of these companies selling fake hoodia are trying to get ur cash, so is that one company by telling u that only they can sell the plant. They can't cause it's the active compound that they got a patent on and even then patent law on such a natural compound is weak. Wake up. Both sides are playing foolish people like fiddles. There both telling some a little truth and a whole lotta lies. U can read the general info and the one company's Opinion on the interpretation of patent law and opinion on the Active compound, but not the selling of the whole plant, all u want but please read carefully and see what they are really talking about. Don't pay attention to the bunny(like Johnnie Cochran in southpark) focus beyond what is only being said, cause they are only gonna focus on what's to their benefit - hello, their about making money. Who knows this stuff may not even work at all. Maybe they skewed the studies. We need long term independent studies. As u can see I am not foolish and biased on what one side is saying, I don't really trust any of them. They shouldn't be trusted ever to the point of not keeping an eye on them always.
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