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i must be becoming gullible again?
...but there's a 6 month money back guarantee?! that must account for something, right?
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Default WELLLL...

I just skimmed through his website. He says "if you don't lose weight, you get your $$ back". Technically, if you lose 1/4 of a pound (equivilant to 1 stick of butter) you've lost weight. He doesn't go into detail about his program (again, I just skimmed) or what it entails. I also have a feeling that he's going to be history after a few months anyway.

Actually he's pretty safe to advertise a 'money back guarantee' because most people who buy weight loss products that don't work (especially via mail or Internet order) ask for their money back. One of the main reasons for this is that when they fail to lose weight, many people blame THEMSELVES rather than the DIET and feel guilty (whether subconsiously or not) about asking for their $ back. In addition, if it's only, say $16 or $20 it seems like more of a hassle than it's worth to pack it up and ship it back.

I just skimmed more carefully, and to tell you the truth, he's not selling anything that you can't get for free at any library, or even research yourself on the Net. If you go to my website (don't worry - I'm not selling anything!) I've listed books that pretty much have the same info he is saying he has the 'secrets' to (in particular, Michael Fumento's "Fat of the Land" and Anne Fletcher's "Thin for Life".

How about those low-fat recipes worth $10? Well, you can find hundreds of recipes for FREE on the net (here on 3FC for example!) or at your library.

Quick calorie calculator worth $12? Go to and use theirs for free - I've been using it for months.

Body Fat percentage calculator (worth $12)? Where should I start? There's a good one at (FREE!), also has some calculators, also free.

Basically, this guy has just done his research and wants you to pay for it. It costs him nothing to email you the info, so it's pure profit.

Like I said, if you want to pay him $16, fine, but you can easily find the same info for FREE in just a few minutes on your own.

Save your money for better things (like smaller clothes after you lose your weight - I believe in motivation...)
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I don't know diddly about the diet but want to say that your nickname is really cute!!!
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