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I'm a keto advocate, but I live in a realistic world and am fully accepting of the fact that new research comes out every day that could prove this way of life less-than-optimal. That said, every human is different, and what may or may not work for you can depend on your ancestry, genetics, and to a greater extent, your microbiome. I am currently doing microbiome correction work and the diet while I am correcting my bacterial balances is Keto - recommended by a top health practitioner here in Australia. But, once I am finished, I have been told that re-testing will need to be done to see exactly what food types (and macros) that my "new gut" actually need to thrive....

I think what I am trying to say is that the ONLY way to truly know what works for your body is to get testing done. Because some people need more carbs (for example) and even the right types! It costs a lot, but until you do, everything is a guess and you can only apply general health advice. There's a product available in the U.S., CAN, and U.K called VIOME that sounds AMAZING. I can't wait until it comes to AUS as it sounds even more comprehensive than what I am doing. Again, this is testing to see what is happening inside, and how your body really interacts with foods.
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This argument stems more from the idea that people are spoiled brats who cannot give up their comfort foods. A diet is a change in eating habits. If you revert back to the food that caused you to gain weight in the first place, obviously you will gain all the weight back. If you think of "fat" as the result of an illness which you can get better by eating one way, and will get worse (again) by eating another way, that might make you think of it differently. People who give up smoking because they develop emphasema will remain "well" if they do not smoke, and will get sick again if they start to smoke again.
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Health Warrior, I am interested in hearing more about your testing. I've noticed growing interest in and evidence for gut microbiome's broad range of effects on health. I read the VIOME website.thanks for mentioning it. It sounds really interesting. I'd sure like to know what research their dietary recommendations are based on before I send them 399.00 and a stool sample, though.

FWIW, I did a ketogenic, low cal, low fat diet for 7 months. After that, I stayed low carb though not in ketosis, with occasional forays into rich carbs. I experienced some side effects that seem to be related to the carb restriction: 1) sleep interference, i.e. I could fall asleep but couldn't stay asleep; 2) dry eye, the kind where the lipid layer of the tears became so viscous that it could not lubricate my eyes. These two problems kicked in late in the 7 months of this diet, but they persisted for a long time once I upped my calories, until I added more carbs back into my diet. I haven't read other keto folks describing this effect.

I agree with the previous posters who suggested low carb as opposed to keto is more sustainable over the long term. I have never read about anyone at all on this site who has stayed keto for any length of time--meaning Very Low Carb, High Fat. Some people do seem to thrive on it for a while, then they stop posting. I am thinking of going keto to ramp up my fat-burning enzymes, then switching to low carb, ie adding in beans & occasional starchy vegs.

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Default It is what you make of it

At the end of the day i belive that all diets and these fads all work in some form. the key i believe to keep consistent with the changes you are making and also making it into a lifestyle change so you create good habits and dont gain the weight back. Stay strong mentally and trust the process
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There are a ton of scientific studies around which conclude that a ketogenic diet (and basically ANY low carb diet) works great, don't let them distract you, they probably want to sell you Red Tea or pills or something. These days one person says one thing the other tells you it's fake news.

Keto works for a reason, we get fat because of the carbs we eat, this is a scientifically proven fact, so why try something else ? Personally I have great success with keto and I'm from planet earth so I assume it works for every human being in this world.

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