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Default Waist Trainer

Hey guys,

Did anyone try any kind of waist trainer? I've been thinking about it and I see a lot of instagram models use it, but it's so expensive I don't know if it's worth it?

Any suggestions?
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I have never used one, but I am very skeptical. I know in my younger days, we had similar items available to wear (corsets) and they gave me the worst pains and cramps I could imagine, plus it is very uncomfortable just moving around in an average daily fashion, like getting up off the couch, or if you need to sit and the only place if a futon style seating. Well, just stand because trying to sit down, stay seated and then get back up will be difficult and painful.

Plus, do realize, it does not "train" your waist, it simply holds everything in place while you are wearing it but once you remove it, everything will return back to where it was, the higher fat content you have, the faster it will fall back into place, so to speak.... If articles of clothing really worked at getting something in place, boobs would never sag.

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S/C/G: 265/222/150

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Also, I know links are not allowed, but if you google "PRETTY HURTS
My miserable week in a waist trainer, the ‘weight loss’ secret of the Kardashians
by Molly Fitzpatrick" you will find a very truthful story about a gal who tried it and she pretty much confirms everything I said, but in a hilarous fashion.
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tried it, not much really, diet and training does all the job, waste of money in my opinion
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Wearing it to be smaller? Not so much. Wearing a corset or bustier because they can be sexy as ****? Absolutely. I loved the way I looked and felt in them when I was younger.
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I have mixed feelings about them. They sound gimmicky, but you can look back hundreds of years and see women using them to achieve smaller waists. Ive been wearing one for 4-5 days and have seen a tiny difference-I've been dropping inches from the rest of my torso, but my waist hasn't quite kept up. I feel like the waist trainer like reminded my body to squish in a little there too- but then again it could be placebo effect.

I ran this by my physio and she made a really good point. Since the waist trainer is supporting your back, your back muscles become weaker and your spine a little stiffer, so you are increasing your chances of hurting your back doing other stuff. I'm stubborn, so I'm still going to try wearing one for a while, but I'm limiting it to 4 inactive hours per day, adding more back strengthening exercises and making sure to limber up before and after putting it on.
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They can be cool to add into your workout routine.
I wouldnt dare pay all the money that some do for those things however if you check online retailers like amazon or ebay or whatever you use. Look at ones like sweet sweat.
They have very good reviews and are practicle with helping you to sweat in the area where you want to lose weight.
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I think it's a scam. And I have to wonder what's it's doing to your internal organs too.
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Default Depends on how you use them.

I've had alot of success weight training in it.. Not only does it correct my posture but it helps me engage my stomach more when i do crunches.. Its not different then one of those sweat wraps you use around the waist only this wont wear out or come down from your tummy flap
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If you have back problems and have a desk job like me, standing up devices are your best bet! A fluid stance balance board can add to your overall average daily calories burnt and improve your posture.
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