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Default what pills work?

I'm just curious if anyone knows of any safe pills? Mainly focusing on pills that help with energy.
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Caffeine or amphetamines? Just don't OD on 'em.

Sorry, more seriously though, your best bet is to be a little more physically active, focus on better/more sleep, and eat good food to help your body work well. Eat well, sleep well, move well.

Most of the 'energy' pills out there are mostly effective because of the caffeine, but it has a diminishing level of return (ie. you develop a tolerance for it quickly, and require more for the same effect). Amphetamines have pretty serious potential side effects, so in all honestly I can't recommend experimentation without medical supervision. Other options COULD include things like ginseng for immune support, rhodiola for chronic stress management, or possibly a small magnesium supplement to improve your sleep.

Outside of supplements and drugs, good lifestyle choices are your best bet. You can get a massage, begin spending 10min a day meditating, choose whole foods over refined sugars/preservatives, etc. Unfortunately, there are no quick fixes for this one.

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Personallymdont know any and would not recommend.
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If pills worked, this country wouldn't have a weight problem.

No snark -- but really, there isn't a quick, easy fix. Stimulants usually cause more problems than they solve, and if you go the pill route, it can be very, very hard to know and trust what you're actually putting in your body.

If you need more energy, make sure your diet has plenty of high quality (nutritious) choices and do what you need to get extra rest.
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Thank you! :-) I just needed to be sure.
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I've read that B vitamins help with energy levels, but I don't have any personal experience and only take the B as it is included in my multivitamin.

A doctor might prescribe phentermine for a short time, but I am not sure that is what you are talking about when you said pills. I get the impression you are referring to an OTC product, right?
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If you have low energy levels, you might want to get your thyroid checked out.
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This is just a pill that does work, but it's something a doctor needs to prescribe and it's only for people with thyroid issues. Levroxyn. I have a thyroid issue, a symptom is exhaustion along with MANY other issues. I went in to get a check up about 5 years ago, and they ran blood work and guess what, thyroid issue. I was prescribed levroxyn and started taking it. HOLY WOW energy, I didn't even realize how exhausted I was before. Also, a lot of other systems weren't so backed up and, all my frustration of working out with ZERO results, suddenly changed. It's basically just to help with hormones your thyroid deals with.

Again, this isn't a quick fix, but if you're tired ALL the time and can't lose weight, it doesn't hurt to get it checked. Message me (or google) if you want to know the other issues. Even taking the pills, you need to eat healthy, work out, and then you start to get better. I stopped taking it back in December and will be going back for a check up in August, (insurance issues).
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