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Default Hypnotism?

Someone I know recently went to a hypnotist for weight loss, its too soon to tell for her, but I was wondering if anyone has tried this and what their experience has been? I'll admit I'm very skeptical about this, but I could be wrong.
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I've tried it in the past - in 1996. (I've posted about it here in the Buyer Beware forum before - you might want to do a search).

Bottom line is - it 'worked' for me in that I lost weight (the hypnosis center also had us all on a very rigid diet - the John McDougall Maximum Weight Loss Plan which is a vegan diet - which allowed NO animal products, NO fats of any kind, NO soy products, NO flour products and limited fruit to one piece a day - so basically I was living on vegetables, potatoes, and brown rice. Oh and NO caffienated products either. (forgot that one). I was one of the only people going to the Center who, even with the hypnosis, was able to stay on the diet (I had an advantage since I had already been eating a vegetarian diet at the time for five years beforehand) and lose weight.

It was a heckuva lot of money too...and not everyone can be hypnotized IS very relaxing though. IMO - bottom line - I think hypnosis for weight-loss is overrated - I've heard of FAR better results from people undergoing hypnosis for smoking...incidentally the center I was going to closed up shop in less than a year...went through a LOT of hypnotherapists too.
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Did anyone see "Dateline" this past week about the 6 people on different weightloss journeys? They're doing this to see which programs really work and each one has a class reunion coming up soon that they wanted to look better for. One was on rigid exercise program, one on slimfast, one Atkins, one hypnotized, one WW, and one on ummm..cant remember the name of's a man's name I think but I'm blank at the moment. Anyway, in those 6 months, the hypnotized guy was beat in the weightloss so far only by the one doing Atkins. It was a very interesting show. They'll show final results 4 more months I think. Made me really wonder about trying that hypnosis tho...always looking for an easy way. (Oh by the way..the Atkins guy ended up with serious gout and had to modify the way he was eating)

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2 years ago I tried hypmosis for smoking and weight loss, in 2 separate sessions on the same evening. The "therapist" was on a circuit, going from hotel to hotel booking large rooms. You pay $50 for each session, become a life-time member with the guarantee you can come back any time for a refresher if needed. Well, in 2 years, I have yet to see the same people back in our area. I also paid $50 for a set of tapes which were poor quality reproductions, and the man's voice on the tapes was actually scary. I am still fat and still smoke. So Buyer Beware whom you trust.

I know people who have had success with hypnotherapy for smoking. However, there is also "self-hypnosis," so to speak, where you can feed your subconscious with daily messages from your conscious. I've used this for other things I wanted to change in my life and now using it for weight loss and exercise. It's working. But there is no easy way; it all requires commitment and hard work.

(turn off the computer and hit the treadmill, turn off the computer and hit the treadmill, turn off the . . . .)
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This is probably the ONLY THING I HAVEN'T TRIED in order to lose weight. I've thought about it, and I saw the Dateline program as well...As Mrs Jim says, everyone can't be hypnotized.
I would probably be one of those people...I do have a friend who did it to quite smoking and that was almost twenty years ago and she still isn't smoking.
There is a program that is sponsored by one of the hospitals here
in town and that would be where I would go...Still thinking about it, all I would have to lose would be the $45 ....I would blow that somewhere anyway....If I do it, I'll let y'all know how it goes.

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Aha! So it was on Dateline eh??? I missed it - generally the show is on at 10:00 pm and I'm long since asleep by then.

Well that explains the interest in hypnosis all of a sudden.

I just skimmed the story online:

and once again...the thing that keeps coming back in my mind is that they are just focused on losing the weight - any way they can. Again...what about maintenance??

While I can't predict what shape these 'TV Lab Rats' are going to be in for their high school reunion...I CAN pretty much predict what will happen the day AFTER the reunion...for most of them - a huge binge...that's the problem with situational motivation (i.e. 'getting thin' for one specific event) - once the event has passed, for many people there is no motivation left and it's time to start eating like crap again...and back to their old way of life - reacquainting themselves with their old buddies - the fridge, the couch, and the remote control.

IMO...and what has worked for rather than say "I'm going on a diet" is to commit with your heart and soul to making PERMANENT LIFESTYLE CHANGES - not just to look better, but (more importantly) for your overall health and well-being...

Just my two cents...
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I went to possitive changes hypno and i spent alot of money on the progam and their follow up tapes and lost nothing. i wasted to much money to ever tell anyone to go there. a couple of other people i know went there and the same results money spent no weight off
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I have a six CD set that's self-hypnosis dealing with various weight loss issues. I really like this particular set. However, I am suggestible, so they help me. Not everyone reacts the same way to hypnosis. I'd suggest you try one of the self-hypnosis tapes first. There are all kinds on the net. Some sites have listening "samples" so you can get a feel for the hypnotist's voice and whether or not it irritates you. Some of them might not "mesh" with your personality. The ones I'm currently using are by a woman. I've also one tape by this nice grandfatherly fellow someone gave me. Shop around before you buy to find one that works for you.
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Here is what you should do instead of spending money to get hypnotised... buy healthy food at the grocery store. I have never had any success with these types of things, so one day I decided to go and buy healthy food. It has worked so well. I walk once a day, and eat healthy food. Every time I get the urge to binge on junk food, I buy a sweet or a soda and enjoy every bite/sip of it. I do not feel guilty, and I do not deprive myself of anything. Turns out that I only want a sweet a few times a week. If you like the peaceful feeling of hypnosis, try a church.
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I just finished my second of three sessions of hypnosis. I am having terrific results and love it. For the first time in my life I am losing weight without dieting or counting anything!!

I have some advice...The hypnotist I am going to has an excellent reputation. There are over 100 doctors that refer their patients to him and he has helped thousands of people. I saw several people lose a lot of weight and keep it off and that is what made me make my appointment.

I was a skeptic when I first heard about it. I no longer am! I think that if you are going to get hypnotized then you need to get lots of referrals and go to someone that is known by their success. My hypnotist is considered one of the top hypnotists in the WORLD!

Hypnotism should not be expensive...I have spent less money on this than I would have on weight watchers or any other program. Also, you should not have to follow any DIET or specific eating program...hypnosis for weight loss should be something that teaches you to change your bad habits to good habits and you should lose by eating natural.

Also, CONWAY - hypnosis is NOT A RELIGIOUS EXPERIENCE!! That is a misconception and religion has NOTHING to do with it. Before you judge something you should learn about it ... I did my homework before I got hypnotized and you should too...
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I am in the same boat as April. I am working with a personal Hypnotist, someone who is a MFCC and she spent an hour talking with me about all of my triggers, goals, challenges she then worked with me on getting me hypnotized, which was incredibly helpful, actually making sure that I was under with her in the room and not just with a tape was important, so get the sensation of what it feels like when your hypnotized.

She also made me a tape that I listen to several times a week. It has helped me with my cravings, my triggers and has helped me relax more. It has helped support me thinking like my thin self, instead of waiting to get to my goal weight and then begin thinking that way.

I find hypnosis a great tool to help support changing the negative tape that runs in the back of my head that is not supporting my weight control goals.

Of course, as with ANYTHNG, you need to be commited and support your hypnosis with eating right for you and exercise.....WC is an consolidation of what works for each individual based on basic principles, eating right and exercise.

It wasn't that expensive, for two sessions that were each over two hours and the 45 minute supplement tape the cost was under 250.00. She also checks in with me and when I need to go back for some more work, she charges 85.00 and will make me another tape for exercise.....

I think that it does work because it hits you at the source, not the symptom. I have eaten differently many times and eventually gained back the weight that I lost, this time I am working on why I overeat as well as food control.....

Good for you Conway that those things worked for you, I don't think that others like me have experienced weight control that easily. We should all be grateful for what we don't have do deal with an supportive of the journey of others...especially on this board.

I have gone to church for most of my life, and it never did anything to help me relax, actually usually stressed me out more!!! (not that I don't think that church is great, it is, just not very relaxing) lol

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