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Default Power 90 Infomercial

I always check this site on all these things I see on infomercials. I've been seeing this Power 90 one for a while. Just wondering if it works and how the diet plan is. These people are like crying saying how much this has changed their life (it reminds me of the Richard Simmons
infomercials- . You people are so good at responding and thank you so much for warning me about other plans like that body makeover one. Anyone try this. I like to exercise and that's why I was curious about this one. Thanks.
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it's always something
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I've not seen the infomercial, but remember that what you are viewing is well chosen to promote sales

According to the website, you are to exercise 6 days a week following a video that lasts "less than one hour" but it doesn't say how long it is (56 minutes?) You are also to follow their diet guidelines, which would likely include a standard reduced calorie, portion controlled diet. Optional supplements are available (which you know we won't recommend, lol)

Does the informercial include clips from the exercise videos? Does it look like something you are capable of following? From the before/after photos on their site, I get the impression this isn't geared as much toward losing weight as it is getting in shape. The people were just out of shape and a bit pudgy, but not necessarily overweight. If this program really does make you build muscle the way the after photos show, then there must be a lot of work involved. I'm not sure how you can achieve those results without some type of weight bearing exercise.

If the movements look like something you can follow, and follow for nearly an hour a day, then you may find it's for you.

Hopefully, someone that has tried the program or even seen the videos will respond
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Default Thanks, Suzanne

Now that you mention it, they do look awfully muscular (especially the men but that's understandable). That's why it's hard for me to believe this. I think this program does have different exercise tapes which include strength training, aerobic conditioning and even some yoga and/or stretching from what I can see on the ad. It looks well-rounded but I'm going to wait for more feedback. Thanks...I didn't think to seek out the website. And you are right...I'm not even going near the supplements...I was just wondering about the exercise and nutrition plan. Thanks for your help.
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A girlfriend of mine loaned me the Slim in 6 tapes which are put out by the same company that does Power 90. There are three main tapes that increase with intensity and you are meant to work out 6 days a week just as you are with Power 90. I assume these programs are very similar the main difference being that the slim in 6 plan is for 6 weeks and the power 90 plan is intended for 12 weeks. The lowest intensity tape is very doable (keeping in mind that I am in reasonable shape to start with) and includes warmup, areobic, weigh bearing (with excercise bands), yoga stretches and cool down. I considered it to be a well thought out and balanced routine. The next two tapes are pretty tough and I also think that doing the routine 6 times a week at first is asking too much. If you are really committed I do think this program will work when combined with a balanced diet plan. I liked it enough to shell out money for my own copy and I'm now waiting for it to arrive. If I get bored with slim in 6 I will probably move on to Power 90 but I do not intend on excercising at this intensity for 6 days per week for fear of burning out.

BTW I do not suggest that you do the 2 day "fast" prior to beginning the program I consider that to be lunacy! Who can excercise when they've been fasting?!?!?

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Smile power 90

Hi, I'm a newbie to these forums -but I have used the power 90 tapes. The program works-if you follow it. You do circuit weight training tapes 3x a week, and very easy to follow aerobics the other 3 days. The circuit training is difficult at first, there are lots of push ups You start out with the level 1-2 tapes and follow the instructions to progress to the level 3-4. Once you start these and get past the 30 day mark it becomes kind of addicting. You also take photos and measurements at the 30,60, and 90day marks and it is fun to see the muscles start to show. the leve 1-2 circuit is 28 minutes long, and the cardio is about 40 minutes including the ab ripper workout at the end. the level 3-4 tapes are about 8-10 minutes longer, the workouts are higher intensity and at a faster pace.
The only thing I didn't like about the tapes is there is not really any music. They say to turn on the radio or whatever music you like. I also have done the slim in 6, and i like the power 90 a lot better. slim in 6 you do the exact same workout 6 days a week.

They have some good forums on the beach body website too, go check them out if you want even more info from people actually doing the tapes now.
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Default Thanks for your responses

Thanks to both Happyness and Kimbalee for your responses. It does sound like something to consider. I didn't know there was a fast suggested. I can never fast, anyway. It's a good idea to take a picture along the way, too. Thanks for your responses.
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Trying to find my way.
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I know several people that have used power 90 with fantastic results. they did say that at the end of the 90 days though they were sick if the same guy talking to them but the results if you follow it is worth getting a bit bored with the guy!!
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There is a group in the Exercise heading that is on power 90. I think they have just started using the power 90.

I have come to the conclusion that ANY program will work... you just have to work it.
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hello all

This program does work and there is a group of us on the exercise board using them....

but patty is right.... buying them doesnt make them work... using them does....

good luck in all your endeavors
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Im actually watching the infomercial right now, and it says it comes with a 90 day diet guide, which leads me to believe that it's not only a workout plan, but a diet plan... It seems pretty cool (and something i'd like to do), but it seems really expensive for all of those DVDs, VHS', etc. I really don't have any money right now since i'm trying to pay off my new guitar... but maybe i'll try it sometime, and after I read more testimonials. Perhaps someone else can shed some light on the dieting thing? Like how strict it is, etc.
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I saw bits and pieces of the infomercial at the gym yesterday. It looked an awful lot like a BFL type program to me. The thing is, I find it hard to believe you can have a body that looks that way in 90 days doing the tapes w/o actual weights. I mean those people were pretty ripped!! Not to mention that the program does recommend supplements. So, I remain skeptical.

I would personally say you would be better off following a program such as BFL or BRx if you wanted to have those types of results.

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"I'm working on it!"
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Default My Opinion

I got the Power 90 DVDs a few weeks ago. I really enjoy the workouts and they fly by so fast. I use dumb bells for the weight exercises, but they also show a guy using the resistance bands in the DVD. I personally like the dumb bells cause I can see how I'm improving when I can move up to a higher weight. I'm afraid of having the resistance band snapping on me or whacking me upside the head

I did the program for 4 days straight after I rec'd it. Then I didn't do it for nearly a week, so I started over, so I just finished my first week. I've hidden the scale, but I did try on some shorts that SOOO didn't fit me 10 days ago and I could actually zip them up pretty easily yesterday (couldn't wear them for any length of time, but I'm working on it ). I think I'm seeing these results because of the workouts.

The diet part is pretty much common sense. They don't give you a whole 90 days worth of menus, but they do give you some ideas. If you go into the Power 90 website, there is something called "Michi's ladder" which is a list of recommended foods. The higher up the ladder, the better the food choices. All the yummy "junk" food is at the bottom. You are supposed to eat 3 meals a day--with portions in moderation and 2 snacks. And you shouldn't eat 3 hours before bedtime. I had found all this info by browsing on the Power 90 site.

They do recommend supplements, but they also say that you do not have to use them if you don't want to. I take a good multivitamin that I can buy at any drug store.

I can see myself staying with this program. I may not be totally ripped like some of they people in the infomercial at the end of the 90 days(I think a lot of them started out in pretty good shape to begin with--they just needed to tone it up) but I know I'll be a lot healthier and in a lot better shape than when I started.

BTW--I'm a 39 yr old female with about 40 lbs and LOTS of inches to lose!

ROBIN--I tried BFL last year and I don't think this program is anything like BFL. There are weights and you do them in circuits, but nothing like the pyramid lifting of BFL

These are just my opinions. You can get more info at the BeachBody or Power 90 sites.

Just remember--not every program will work for every body. You need to find what works best for you.
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Boy has it been awhile since I've been here! Anyway, I just had to respond to this topic.

I bought the Power 90 tapes, Spring of 2002, and did the exercise program faithfully for 90 days during that summer (starting Memorial Day, and completing it the week before Labor Day 2002). I also cut out ALL sweets, and my favorite thing in the world--coca cola. I didn't take the supplements, nor did I follow Michi's ladder faithfully, but I did watch what I ate.

I enjoyed the workouts, especially the weight lifting, but had to play music so I could keep boredom at bay.

My results? Not as spectacular as they promise. I did have some sweet tricept muscles that I loved to feel, and I did tone up a bit, but this program works best if you have lost most of any weight you need to use, and use Power 90 as a tone up program to get rid of jiggles. I had hoped to lose 30 pounds and go down 3 sizes, but instead firmed up my size 14 body.

My opinion is that the people who achieve such spectatular results are doing more than just the Power 90 exercises. I think they may spend more time in the gym, after their daily workouts.

The good news is that one year later, I am still a size 14, and I think it is due to the great muscle tone I built up last summer.

Anyway, my experience. Good luck!

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Default Thanks for responding

CC, I just read your response and what you said sounds like what I expected. You toned up and kept the body changes but nothing really dramatic happened. I am glad that it worked for you although maybe not as drastic as one may hope. I think with me I keep searching for a magic formula and I need the people here to keep reminding me to be realistic about my goals. Thanks for your response!
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I tried this program, and unless you have HOURS a day to work on toning, and Cardio It is not worth it at all!!!
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