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Default Questions about diet meds

Hi, I'm new here. I'm in my mid-60s and since menopause I think my metabolism has died. I am about 40 lbs. overweight and feel fat and dumpy. I've tried many diets without success and I also suffer depression.

My dr. had me on diet pills, and I only lost 2 lbs. in a month, so he just switched me to Phentermine and also added Wellbutrin SR, along with my Prozac. I have back pain, and haven't worked out much, but just started doing CrossFit three times a week a couple of weeks ago. I find I eat mostly out of depression and boredom, and am no concerned about these meds I'm taking.

I don't want to get hooked on pills, but it seems I just can't lose no matter what. (Back when I was in my 20s I lost 25 lbs, but I exercised daily and ate no more than 500 calories a day, so I fear this is going to be much harder.)

Does anyone have any suggestions? Also, what can I do to cut the sugar cravings? I do allow myself two pieces of dark chocolate a day (after all, it's good for the heart!), but I find myself thinking about it all the time. ARGH

Thanks in advance for any suggestions and support. I appreciate it!
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Well, I've got my own opinions about diet pills, so I'll leave it to the other girls to chime in with their thoughts..... As far as food, what does your meal plan look like? What kinds of foods are you eating daily? What's your water intake and are you drinking any alcohol regularly? I've got a mean sweet tooth myself and am a sucker for cakes, pies, and chocolates... I try to keep fresh fruit in my fridge and organic dehydrated fruit at my desk at work to help with sugar cravings. I'll let myself have a little piece of chocolate every now and again just to keep from having a full on uncontrollable binge. I also keep some V8 Fusion juices around.
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i am taking phentermine far sooo good with it..getting off it is another this is the first time i have tried it i cannot give you any advice other than my doctor said (and i know that their opinion is not always right) that they are having a lot of success with it..i am only a low carb, low sugar and low fat diet...i find that this is what works for me...i chose the foods i enjoy within my restrictions and stick to for sugar..fruit is my substitute or an artificial sweetner or stevia even...oh and yeah the thoughts of food are constantly there but i fight tend to distract myself from those thoughts go do something completely different so that my mind stays off the thought of what i call bad stuff...and yeah i suffer the back pain too and i am only started with a bad car accident when i was 35 forced me out of work and here i am...but i plug along doing a little walking twice a onto pilates thanks to a physio visit and going to start pool exercise soon too...look at what you like to do and pursue it...have you tried tai chi, pilates??...try something new can do it if you put your mind to it...i know easier said than done...anyways just go healthy and more active and things should happen...well at least you will feel better..i know i do!!...good luck hun!!..cheers liz
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I, as well as my mom who is closer to your age, have had success with alli.
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Phentermine and Wellbutrin will help. It won't do it for you, but it will make you less hungry, so you can stick to your diet a little more easily.
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I'm doing this!
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Hello, I feel your pain Losing weight 15 years ago came a lot easier than it does now. As for phentermine, I do take that sometimes. I try to stick to a low calorie diet and on days when I need to do better, but find it hard, I'll take one. I understand your issue with cravings and that also is my problem. One of the trainers at my gym has recommended chromium picolinate. you can buy it anywhere. look online or ask your doctor about how much you should take. Again, I only take that sometimes. Every morning I'll put some cinnamon on whole wheat 45 calorie bread with peanut butter. Supposedly cinnamon helps with cravings also. I can't really confirm that it has helped me, but I do it anyways just in case. you're doing crossfit and I think that's awesome! I find that when I workout daily, my eating is more in check. good luck!
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What kind of exercise do you like? It can be tough when you're just getting started - but you have to realize that a lifestyle change may be in order. I know exactly what you feel re: energy though. Sometimes it's super tough to get going with your exercise when you're having trouble with your energy level.

Did your doctor test your thyroid, Vitamin B & D levels?
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Thanks everyone for your comments! I appreciate them. As for exercising, I hate it, but my trainer is awesome and has me looking forward to it, which I can't even believe. I only do it three times a week for a half an hour, but I realize how out of shape I am. (Imagine jumping rope and falling down! Ewee.)

I've had my thyroid and blood levels tested MANY times and they always come back negative.

My trainer told me to stay away from anything white: bread, pasta, rice, sugar, etc. This morning we went out to eat and I had an egg white omelet with cheddar cheese and mushrooms and one piece of whole wheat sour dough bread with about a tsp. of grape jam. Also had some unsweet tea, with sweet 'n low. I just started my Phentermine and Wellbutrin yesterday and after breakfast today, I started getting stomach cramps and feeling nauseated. It now six hours since I've eaten, and I have no desire to eat. I wonder if that's how the pills work...they make you nauseated so you don't want to eat! LOL I guess I'll just have to take it one day at a time and hope my queasiness is due to the meds and the side affects will lessen. Also feeling very shaky, and didn't sleep well last night. Ugh! Why can't they make "junk food" with no calories or fat????

Thanks everyone!
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