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Default Can anyone recommend natural slimming product?


I am looking for a slimming product to enhance by diet/exercise. Can anyone recommend anything?
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Water is the best IMHO. The rest are just a waste of money. What diet are you following?
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I've never found, used, or heard of a product which actually helps you lose weight. Water keeps you healthy and helps with everything, including the natural process of weight loss. But in the end, diet and exercise is all there is.
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Water is definitely the way to go. Drink it before you eat, after you eat, before you work out, after you work out... you get the picture. Anything else is either packed full of stimulants or diuretics that can definitely be considered NOT healthy.
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Because we are all unique people our dietary needs are all different... what works for one person is going to be different than what another needs.

but here is a partial list of things you could try (in moderation)

ice packs along the spine and the back of the neck (makes the body work at maintaining its temperature)
apple cider vinegar (good for liver function and blood sugar)
spicy food
EC stack (dangerous if overdone ... reason for hydroxycut troubles)

the only thing on that list that worked for me is the ice pack thing.
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Chia seeds are a great natural healthy way to give you all the boost you need. I put a tbl spoon of them in my water daily wait 10 minutes and drink they have no flavor just turns to a gel constancy.
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Chromium stabilises the blood sugar, and prevents binging on carbohydrates, if that's of any help to you. Green tea extract should be good for everything, including metabolism.

You can also get different plant fibers (all natural) in capsules as well. You take them 1 hour before your main meals, and drink a lot of water with it. The plant fibers in the capsule will expand as they suck up all the water you drink, and at the same time make you feel full longer as they are slower digested. I've actually tried ones, and I think they work pretty well. I end up feeling really full at one serving, even though I would usually be able to go for at least 2. After I stopped taking them, I was kind of a habit, only eating one serving instead of 2 or 3. So in that sense, I felt like it worked.
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water, exercise and a calorie deficit.
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I just read an article about Vit D. It appears to have lots of health benefits and wt loss is one. A book written by Alisa Bowman, called the 7 Day slim Down: Drop twice the weight in half the time, has some basic sound advise. I have been trying to get more info on this topic. Reportedly, Vit D unlocks fat cells and lets them release their contents and also Vit D melts belly fat. There is an article in Sept 10, 2012 edition of Woman's World mag. It's worth a try.
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Most of these products that claim to help you lose weight only cause weight loss in your bank account. If they worked as well as they claim we would all be on them wouldn't we ?
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You certainly would lose weight with these products as they are so expensive you can't afford to eat when you buy them! haha
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I tried the water thing, I would drink a glass when I woke up, then I would have a bottle with green tea in it for lunch then I would have a few more bottles (without the tea) during the evenings. All it did for me was make me pee all the time.

How does water help you lose weight? I know it is great for fulshing the body but I never knew it was such a good thing for weight loss. I am not meaning to hijack the thread I was just curious.

The downfall is I work from home so I dont get out much, and being it is winter time its hard to get out and exercise. Plus having 2 little ones around, its like non-stop from the time schools out till bedtime.

Any recommendations on some night time quiet exercising?

Again, my apologies for hijacking the thread, it just seems like I have the same issues.

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Squeeze half a fresh lemon or line and add the juice to a 16 oz (or so) bottle of fresh warm water. It's a wonderful way to start the day.

The "slimming" products on the market are not only a complete waste of money but contain all kinds of chemicals and substances which are far from healthful.
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