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Found this article too.

"Copyright 1999, 2001 by Galen Daryl Knight and VitaleTherapeutics, Inc.
Triclosan's Antagonism of Thyroxine and T3: Wilson's Syndrome?

Structural considerations and the following abstract raise concerns about Triclosan interfering with thyroid hormone metabolism in the body, thereby lowering body temperature, and producing a variety of metabolic imbalances associated with poor thyroid hormone utilization. Wilson's Syndrome, supposedly a new thyroid disorder, could very well have environmental causes.

THYROXINE--Thyroid Hormone

TRICLOSAN--Antibacterial added to soaps, dishwashing liquids, toothpastes, etc.

ACTIVATED THYROXINE or T3 (3,5,3'-Triiodothyronine)


J Toxicol Environ Health 1983 Aug-Sep;12(2-3):245-53
The acute toxicity of penta-, hexa-, and heptachlorohydroxydiphenyl ethers in mice.

Miller TL, Lorusso DJ, Walsh ML, Deinzer ML

The acute intraperitoneal LD50 values of various hydroxychlorodiphenyl ethers (HO-ClX-DPEs; X = 5-7) in mice have been determined. The acute toxicities observed were on the order of, or slightly less than, that observed previously for 2-hydroxy-2',4,4'-trichlorodiphenyl ether (2-HO-Cl3-DPE; Irgasan DP-300; Triclosan), a commonly used bactericide. However, the acute toxicities determined for these compounds were substantially less than have been observed for HO-Cl9-DPEs and pentachlorophenol. The HO-ClX-DPEs HAD A MARKED HYPOTHERMIC EFFECT, similar to that produced by 2-HO-Cl3-DPE. Symptomatology following exposure to the HO-ClX-DPEs (X = 5-7) suggested a NONSPECIFIC DEPRESSANT EFFECT on the central nervous system.

PMID: 6655733, UI: 84090302 "
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Default Yes, but...

The literature is VERY clear that the results of animal models cannot be translated to human use of moderate amounts of Triclosan.

Bathing small rodents in massive amounts of a chemical cannot be compared to a human using a squirt of a soap that contains a low concentration of the substance, then rinsing it off.

And the studies related to HUMANS make this very, very clear.
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