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yes, it is a thermogenic fat loss aid. The effect is small, but can add up if taken consistently. My recommendation is to take it in the form of a capsule with 100-200mg Caffeine a few times/day. I used to buy it on amazon, just look for the one with the lowest price and the highest percentage of EGCG (the active ingredient).
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8 cups a day... I just really love a green tea! ;D
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Yes, it is very helpful when you want to lose weight but if you exceed the limit it is a hazard for your health.
I also drink Adagio Teas Coupons in my daily routine but I have taken only 2 cups a day it will very helpful full me and I suggest you the same routine for yourself.

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Originally Posted by carmelwhitworth View Post
I've heard that Green Tea can help with metabolism, weight loss, and a ton of other stuff I'm too lazy to name.
Question 1, is it true?

If so, what's a common good brand that I could find at say, a walmart/big lots?
What should I avoid when looking for a brand?
How should it be prepared, like regular warm tea?
Is the ready-made kind bad for you?
And how many calories is in one cup, no sugar or anything.

Just read some of these interesting articles which could be of help.Hello Friends,

While surfing on the net found some interesting articles on ‘Flavanoid and Diet or Weight Loss’. A diet rich in Flavanoid has anti-cancerous properties. Below are some links which will throw light on ‘Flavanoid’. These are some ingredients of green tea.

Health Freak
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Green tea definitely helps with metabolism, but I didn't like the taste.
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i like green tea soooo much
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I am not a fan of green tea, but used to take matcha tea and found that it helped me stay focused and more energized throughout the day.
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I second that, matcha tea is much better, its antioxidants content is super high as compared to green tea. Here is more info on
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Green tea with ACV works like a charm, try it every morning (before eating or drinking anything else) & every night (before bedtime). Be consistent for a minimum of 2 weeks & you will see & feel the difference
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