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Default Ideal Protein Diet?

Has anyone tried this diet? My mother is on it and has lost about 45 lbs in about 6 months. She wants me to try it, but she says she often has little energy and is hungry a lot on it. Her doctor is on the same diet and recommended it to her, but the I'm still a little worried about her!!
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Athletes use protein rich diets for energy and to help maintain lean muscle mass. A lack of protein in the diet would make a person feel hungry/lethargic.

Anytime you change your diet, it's normal to have an adjustment period where you feel hungry or lethargic, but it will pass. If your mom is still feeling lethargic after 6 months (after 1 month), then she should talk to her doctor. A protein rich plan will support energy levels, not deplete them. Her success is totally healthy, she's doing great!

Often times, too, when people embark on a life-style change with their diet, the obstacles they face are emotional or "all in the head". It could be that she feels deprived, and the psychosomatic response to this is believing she should be tired, or hungry, she then, therefore, is tired and hungry. (If you believe it, it's true.)

Emotional obstacles are difficult to remove, even after losing so much weight, the ideas we have in our head can remain, unless we make an effort to recognize them as false ideas, and replace them with the truth. It's a process, and not everyone gets to their truth at the same time.

I would suggest she is either thinking that she's tired and hungry, or she's not getting enough protein.

Last year, I also started a protein rich, doctor supervised, diet plan, and lost about 45 lbs in 6 months. And although I felt like I should be eating more food, I never felt physically hungry, and my energy levels increased, not decreased. From what I've learned from my nutrition courses, this is normal, what you report your mom is feeling, is not normal.

It might not be the right plan for you, but you'll never know unless you try.

Good luck!
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If you search Ideal Protein on these boards, you'll see many, many success stories, as well as stories of frustration and various issues. I lost 30 pounds in 4 months on it, my husband lost 40 pounds - we're currently maintaining. Check out Ideal Protein on this site for lots of infomation and insights.
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I just started IP on March 1 and the adjustment has been a challenge but it is working. PPs are right - if she's still feeling hungry she should be talking to her coach and seeing what tweaks can be made so that the system best meets her needs.

It's funny, while I'm new to this and still adjusting (and therefore still dealing with some hunger pangs) I can say that my energy has actually increased which is a huge deal for me so no issues there.
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I started IP in late July of last year and lost almost 30 lbs by the beginning of Nov. I've been maintaining since then. If you follow the plan, it does work. There is an entire IP forum which will answer any question you can think of.
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My husband and I started the ideal protein diet this week and so far we are doing great! I have lost seven pounds this week so far and as a few days ago my husband as lost 5( I don't know his current weight loss). I know for me personally that I totally have a lack of energy right now. I don't seem to have the hunger problems but my husband said that he does. One thing I have noticed with the lack of energy is that if I get up and go that I actually have alot of energy but if I just sit around at home I can barely keep my eyes open. I don't know if that helps or not but so far that has been my experience, granted I have only been doing it for four days!
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I've been on the IP diet for 8 months and have lost over 40lbs and at my goal. The 1st week was a challenge but I made it through. I have not been sick and have plenty of energy. Since the weather is getting nicer, I've been walking to work on tightening up the loose skin!
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Today is exactly 2 months on IP and I've lost exactly 20 pounds. Love round numbers. I'm not saying it's an easy diet, but it's definitely working. The energy level is higher, so I've added gym classes (yoga, strength training), go on a gym bike a few times a week. I'm tired a lot, but because of the extra activities. There's a challenge of being hungry, mostly between lunch and dinner, but when you step on the scale in the morning, it's worth it. Good luck to everyone!

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i have been on ideal protein for a year.
I have lost 50# I am currently doing
phase 2. I will be giving myself a break
for a while I will be following the Atkins
diet. Probably about 6 weeks. Yes, I have
found IP to be sucessful!
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The advantage of a diet like IP is that it is a muscle sparing diet. So while you lose weight quickly (bonus!) because it highly restrictive in spare muscle loss because it gives you enough protein. Too often when we diet, we don't get in enough protein and we lose a lot of our muscle with the fat. On IP, you will see inches come off like crazy because of it being mostly fat you lose each week. It is highly motivating and a great diet plan!
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This diet is saving my life! Like other diets there are days I'm hungry and have no energy, but other days are great. The first few days are the hardest. This is the only diet that has ever worked for me.
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Wink Lost 40 pounds in a little less than 3 months on IP

Have tried a million other plans, and none worked like this. Once you get started it is so easy to follow. I am never hungry, and in fact I often have to force myself to eat the final snack of the day because I'm full! I have ten pounds left to lose, and on this plan I know that it will happen!

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Default New to IP

Hi All,

I'm new to IP just started on April 4, 2012. I'm down 5.5 pounds and excited. I've been doing the alternative program for 2 weeks. I'll have my second weigh in today. Wish everyone Peace and Blessings. Let's get healthy!!!
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It's a great diet! Actually, it's more of a lifestyle change that comes in phases that help you to change your eating habits. I am 17, and I am healthy.
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Default Hungry

Does anyone eat anything between lunch and dinner? Today is my 5th day and I think I get more hungry each day. I thought you were never suppose to be hungry on this diet!
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