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Be careful when reading magazines and the "studies" or "articles" within them.

A lot of times, the "articles" are merely advertorials, which is a paid ad that is set up to look like an article. A lot of publications require the advertiser to put a border that says "advertisement" so the readers won't be fooled. Other publications don't care, take the advertiser's money, and make it look however the advertiser wants it to look.

I just got a magazine in the mail the other day that was full-color and looked very pretty. It was praising some new diet pill. But, since I'm a journalism major and write for reputable publications, I knew the signs to look for.

Plus, this little publication lost all credibility with me when the experts quoted within were referred to like this:

Dr. Jane Doe, M.D.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.
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I have been discussing this with a friend from work for two weeks. There is no way in which one can block food from entering the system. If you don't want to digest it, don't eat it. Yeah, I know, easy to say... hard to do... Well, I turned a new leaf a few months ago, and decided to stop obsessing over food, and to start exercising. It has worked well, and I still have a snack food item almost once a day. The rest of my food is very natural and healthful. I do feel like I am as healthy as I have been since childhood. Leave the pills alone, they are unhealthy. Think about all of those weird chemicals in the pill. I would rather eat my pasta or bread and take a walk after dinner. Sure is better than taking some horrible pill.
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oh no!

i just bought starch away to help keep my bread in control..woah..wish I had read this before forking out 1.99..sigh..thank you gals..
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Well, 1.99 isn't that bad of a waste. Just be glad you didn't drop $50 on it. Enjoy your bread in a reasonable manner, then take a walk. Sounds better to me!!
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Smile Carb cutter pills

Me and my husband have been taking Carb Fighters (on and off)for over a year and I can honestly say they have worked for us. My husband actually lost about 35 pounds last year taking them. I guess, like everything else, they work for some, but not all. Good luck!
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I use starch away and only when I have a particular meal that is high carb...not on a regular basis...I have used it twice in the last three weeks.

I have no idea if it works, but psycologically I feel that I am more aware of the amount of carbs that I am eating when I take it...don't ask me why, and I only take it if I am having a particlar meal not on a reglar basis....

If anything, it has just assisted going to the bathroon the next day. I don't think that anything that prevents absorbtion of carbs would prevent absorbtion of it probably is just psychological!
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