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I just bought a glass Health 'O' Meter scale from Walmart ( and I absolutely love it. We had the cheaper plastic Health 'O' Meter and it was not accurate at all, I tested it last week and a. it's weighing both Mack and I about 3 pounds heavier than we are and b. I stepped on it once and it said 240, to test it I stepped on it again a minute later and it said 241.2 and again it said 243.8.

The glass scale says the same thing when tested over and over. Plus, Walmart has it on sale for $20.00 online and free ship to store or .97 cents shipping to your address.

It's only $25 and it stores information for up to 4 users, so every time I use it, it tells me how much I've lost.

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I just bought the EatSmart Precision scale from Amazon. It comes tomorrow! I cant wait. I've been using a decades old dial scale that my husbands parents left behind and it is pretty much toast. It gives me a 10 to 20lb plus or minus difference everyday. I hope I dont fluctuate that much! I love the look of my old retro scale, but it's such a liar I have to give it up.
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I use a ww digital but I make sure to place it in the exact same spot every week when I weigh myself- it seems to weigh differently on my wood floor vs my tile floor
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I use the doctor's type scale at the gym. If I have a scale in the house I will weigh obsessively.
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I read (over and over) that the scales that measure water only measure the lower body...I have enormous breasts being I didn't think it was very useful/accurate to only measure to the hip.

I've had three digital scales over the past 4 years. The last scale I bought has a higher weight threshold than previous ones, and I found it to be much more accurate, and consistent.
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I have a digital, and I weigh myself until I get the same number 3 times, and that is the one I use!
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Originally Posted by OnceUponADrive View Post
EatSmart Precision scale I got from Amazon for $30. I read tons of scale reviews and it was highly rated. You don't have to tap it on first you just get on it. It is very close to the scale at my Weight Watchers meetings. Extremely accurate and nice looking (glass).
This scale is the best darn scale ever!!!! Same weight no matter how many times or where you step on it, very very accurate! I would highly recommend it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When my kitchen scale dies, I will buy their kitchen version, that is how much I love it.

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I have a Taylor Digital Scale , easy to read and weighs to the tenth of a pound. It is accurate, but must be on a hard surface, not carpet. I have had it several years and paid more tha $19.99 for it.
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