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Question $480 mini gastric bypass

Hello all, I was wondering if anyone has tried this new product? I had tried another one where you ate a bar that was supposed to fill your stomach and thereby reduce what you ate. Nope, still hungry. I keep seeing this product everywhere. The theory sounds good, but what of the reality?
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Claims to have a 90% achievement rate. Apparently, you try to eat/drink a glob (could not find anything to say what is in it) and it fills your tummy for the day and you thereby try to eat 50% much less and eliminate weight. In doing study on the net on this firm or diet I can ONLY find data posted by the business RocaLabs by itself.

Looks like a comprehensive rip-off to me. All you will eliminate is $ 480. If they are publishing their individual “research” I am betting no one else would be capable to substantiate their good results rate.

They do not reveal the impact on the rest of the gastrointestinal tract or other body systems. Doesn't sound good.
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I am doing the fullbar you mentioned. Did you follow it like you were suppose to? Eat before your meal or before 2 meals and drink it with a glass of water? I have played around with it, im on day 6 of it, and found if i eat it closer to dinner, then i dont eat as much at dinner or after dinner, my problem time...but if i ate it before lunch, i wasnt "stuffed" the rest of the day, but i still wasnt starving like i use to be either. Its NOT designed to make you stuffed and not eat. Its designed to help you eat less. instead of eating 6 slices of pizza, you eat 2-3.
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Oh gosh... Where do I begin!

First, it's a fiber/gum mixture that swells when combined with water. There are similar but much cheaper (pennies) options out there.

But here's the kicker - Their "terms" state that whether or not it affects your appetite is up to you, not them. You agree not to eat calorie rich foods. You agree that you determine the success of your weight loss through individual will. (willpower?) You agree never to publish or state anywhere that the product does not work for you and if you say so they will sue you for slander. I have NEVER heard of this before!

No claim and/or complaint will be accepted regarding the lack of success of the Diet, in creating a lack of appetite. The announcement/writing/publication of any such or other claim in any media will constitute a breach of agreement, to which the Customer entered willingly and with full knowledge of the components of the Diet and its properties. As such, any claim as aforementioned will constitute slander and/or libel, and all remedies will be pursued accordingly.
So if you try this product and find that it doesn't work for you, you cannot come back here and tell us about your experience and you can't blog about it anywhere.

Something else to remember - Real gastric bypass surgery is forced calorie restriction. You truly can't eat very much food. As a result, you must follow a special diet and consume special protein supplements, etc. Even with the special diet you will probably lose hair and experience other health problems until you are able to consumer larger amounts of food later. If you are choosing to voluntarily cut your food consumption that low, as this product indicates will happen, you're probably not doing yourself a favor. Weight Loss Surgery is a drastic last resort option which requires extensive medical and psychological counseling prior to surgery.

My best suggestion - don't be in such a hurry. Eat less, move more.
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I've tried various versions of this (they've been around for 50 years AT LEAST). Essentially it's fiber in some form, and the water increases the volume of the fiber, and gives you the physical sensation of less room in your stomach.

But hunger signals don't only come from your stomach, they also come from your brain and hormones. My problem with high-and moderate-carb diets is that even when my stomach feels full to bursting, I still feel what I call "rabid hunger" the feeling that I'm hungry and must eat, even sometimes when my stomach is hurting from eating too much.

I did find them somewhat helpful, but at too big a price tag (literally and figuratively).

1. You have to drink a lot of water or you end up painfully constipated (and it doesn't fill your stomach).

2. If you drink too much water, you can end up with diarrhea.

3. You may experience a lot of gas and abdominal pain (both the embarassing kind, and the painful, can't do anything about it kind).

4. You may experience an unpredictable combination of all three symptoms.

5. If you have even a mild case of IBS, you'll probably experience all of the above symptoms, to a life-altering degree (and you'd better be prepared to have constant and immediate access to a restroom at all times. You may get little warning until the issue is urgent, and if any obstacle stands between you and the restroom, someone could get hurt).

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I watched several video diaries on You tube from real people who are currently using this powder from Roca Labs. It is referred to as a no surgery gastric bypass. The 480.00 is for a 4 month supply and you get 4 bags of the powder and one bag of anti-craving powder and the measuring container to mix in as well as a container for storage. You mix a scoop of the powder with water and crystal lite (for taste) and then shake it and drink it...or you can let it sit and it turns thick and you can eat it. Anyway, they say you must drink plenty of water with it and from what they have shown is that they are really losing a lot of weight...I am seriously considering this but want more information. I liked the fact that real people were posting videos of their experience with this stuff. I didn't want to go by the advertisements by Roca lab because you can never tell what is real or not. Anyway, check out the videos and see.
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I'm trying to get why paying 480 bucks for concentrated fiber is preferable to paying fifty or sixty bucks and getting a big wheelbarrow full of high-fiber vegetables and fruit. The fruit and veggies are a cheaper, better-tasting form of getting bulk with few calories, aren't they? Or are these physical fillers different from physically filling low-carb/low-cal vegetables?

I admit that sometimes I throw mixed greens on my plate solely as filler and eat them strictly for that reason instead of because they're just so yum-yum-GOOD, but they still taste better than a powder and give me the opportunity to chew food instead of drinking stuff, which I always find more psychologically satisfying.

480 dollars is two car payments or one third of a mortgage payment or food for a couple of months. Vegetables are a ton cheaper if you're just after bulk and filling fiber.
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Originally Posted by jennyg03 View Post
I watched several video diaries on You tube from real people who are currently using this powder from Roca Labs.

I liked the fact that real people were posting videos of their experience with this stuff. I didn't want to go by the advertisements by Roca lab because you can never tell what is real or not. Anyway, check out the videos and see.
Just a thought ... How do you know they are real videos and not paid advertisements? Paid testimonials are very common now and they look real. Bloggers are paid to promote products. For example, people are hired to model for diet pill success stories and they first photograph the "after" shot while they are still thin, and are paid to gain weight and they post for the "before" shot.

There are websites where you can register to be hired to promote products online. You are given the product for free, and paid for the testimonial. I'm not saying that Roca Labs has done this, and I'm not accusing any person who has posted on youtube of doing this. I'm just pointing out that unfortunately youtube testimonials are just as suspect as testimonials from manufacturer advertisements.

Also please note the quote in my post above. If someone tries this product and it doesn't work for them they are not allowed to post youtube videos saying it doesn't work. They are not allowed to post on forums or blogs that it doesn't work. You will never see a negative comment about this product because they will sue you and they say so in their terms of sale.
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Personally, I'd rule out ANY company that put in the terms of sale that I couldn't leave a negative review. Wow. That's some serious Orwellian crazy.

That, plus the fact that the product is basically just a REALLY expensive fiber powder that you can obtain much more cheaply elsewhere, makes this company and product something that I'd avoid like the plague.
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That's shocking that they require a gag clause. I wonder what they're so afraid of? Hmmm......
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I would RUN from this product, because it has SCAM written all over it. I mean really - an exoribitant price, combined with the weird forbidding on complaints (which I don't think is even a legally binding or enforceable contract. There are some rights you can't sign away).

Ultimately, how can you trust any positive review, when you know the company forbids negative review. The positive reviews lose absolutely all meaning, when the company has threatened retaliation for negative reviews?

If I told you "My product is the best, because I beat up anyone who says it's not," could you really trust anyone who says my product is good.

You also have to understand the science. For people who overeat because of stomach hunger, rather than brain/craving hunger, fiber suppresses appetite by way of filling the stomach.

What you pay for the fiber has no effect whatsoever on the effectiveness of the fiber. We tend to assume (even when we don't even consciously realize it) that the most expensive product is the most successful.

Perceived "value" based on price is very common with weight loss products. People assume that the more they pay, the more effective without realizing this is entirely untrue. Overpriced garbage is not a rare commodity. And literally, it's often easier to convince people to buy expensive garbage, than
cheap garbage.

Even cheap awesome stuff is often assumed to be "trash" because it's cheap.
An outrageous price on garbage, will convince many people that it's not garbage, just because of the price.

Want to test the theory? Next time you have a garage sale, randomly pick an item and price it 100 times the price of similar items you are selling.

If anyone asks why the one item is priced so high, say "it's a collector's item," (which is the true-but-meaningless claim for much of overpriced junk advertised in magazine and tv ads).

No one may actually BUY the $300 teacup or teddybear, but watch how
people react to it. See how much attention it gets (and in advertising, attention is the first step in getting your $).

Expensive draws attention, and it conveys an image of quality, but it's only an image (it's a mirage).

And that's what this product is doing, implying that the product MUST work for them to be able to charge so much money for it.

You also have to judge the company by it's actions. If they're willing to forbid you to complain (that's pretty low) what makes you think they'll stand by their product.

Most people don't understand that "money-back guarantees" are notoriously difficult to enforce. Every day, companies refuse to abide by their promises.

To take it to court and win, will inevitably costs you more than you paid for the product. No one wants to spend $10,000 to force a company to stand by their money-back guarantee on a $20 product.

Just taking off one day of work to appear in small-claims court will cost you more than the product is worth (especially since lost wages often aren't recoverable).

Just the cost of repeated phone calls can easily exceed the cost of the product.

Too many people see a money-back guarantee as a sign of reputability, and it isn't. It's a false-assurance, because the consequences for lying just aren't there. At worst, the company will be forced to give your money back (rarely are you given any additional damages unless you can prove the company intended to defraud you - that their product doesn't work at all -and they know it, and that they intentionally were trying to screw you with a false money-back guarantee. If they can find and bring to court one customer who got their money back and one customer who claims the product worked for them - that can destoy that argument).

I know I've gone on a tangent on the subject, but it's so important to learn to spot the scams. If we were all better at spotting and avoiding the scams, the product makers would be forced to be more honest. Lying only works when people choose to trust you.

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Talking mini gastric bypass

It is way out of line to not be able to say whether something works or not. If the gag clause applies to people who have purchased the product, then maybe a friend could comment on how it worked for someone they know. Maybe if you know someone who tried it, and it was a waste of money you could let us know. I don't see how they can sue an observer for slander, they didn't enter into any agreement.
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Default It Does Not Work

The product has been useless for the people that I know that have tried it. Part of the fees paid are for support that is advertised as 24/7, but is only an email response a day later with useless wording that does not address consumer concerns or questions. The people responding to customer support questions do not seem to care or have knowledge of product, they simply tell customers to follow the instructions. The 24/7 customer support is supposed to be part of the four hundred eighty dollar fee but is not really offered at all. The product itself does not work at all for the people that I know that have tried it and the 24/7 customer support just tells them to read the instructions when they send an email inquiry . . . . email is the only option for customer care and expect to wait about one full day for a meaningless response.

The company does have many complaints that appear to have been suppressed, and some threats do show upon a search. Stay clear of these type of businesses.

Consume high fiber and drink water, you will be far better off . . . . not to mention have several hundred dollars in your pocket. Good luck
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I am afraid the only place you will lose is in your wallet. This has scam written all over it.
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Focus on eating healthy and working out. Stop believing in this crap magical pills.
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