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Default Slimgenics

Hi All,

I'm thinking about doing Slimgenics (also called Slim 4 Life) and would love to get some input before I join. How hard is it? Why does it work? Is the 1st 3 days a cleanse?

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Beware on this one- I did this about 3 years ago and was not successful. It is pretty darn pricey for one, the other is the food list is pretty restrictive. I myself am not really fond of meat and that was a huge struggle for me.
the supplements and snacks you have to buy are ok but not sure they were really beneficial.
My other misgiving was I felt deceived about what I was putting my money into- part was my own fault because I didn't ask the right questions but I went ahead and bought supplements/snacks up front for my program and spent a lot of $- not realizing that if I didn't like a snack or the supplements made me dizzy or other side effects they will NOT let you return or exchange anything you buy. Once you leave the facility with products you have them forever, whether you like them or not.
My other issue was at first I was really excited to have the one on one coaching instead of a group forum- I don't know what kind of training the support people have, but my understanding was they had to have been on the program and successful- not that that they weren't helpful at times but they are not dietitians and I really struggled with not being able to eat the meat like i needed too and they pretty much told me that I just had to suck it up and eat the meat. I kind of felt like I needed individual guidance on how to make the program work better for me so I wasn't gagging down chicken 3 times a day and they really didn't know anything except what the program says.
Now if you are able to stick to a strict meal plan, have no food issues I think this really can work for people- but be sure to ask LOTS of questions and don't let them pressure you into buying stuff all at once (I know this was partially my fault, but still- really??).
Just as an FYI when I was on it you had to do the following supplements:
2 water supplements a day
2 snacks a day
3 different types of vitamin/metabolism supplements 3 xs day

I don't know how they changed since they are now Slimgennics instead of Slim for life- but they were making you buy at least 2 boxes of snacks a week and I can't remember on the supplements- but those were said to be "detrimental" to weight loss on this program.
I say save your $ and look for a more reasonable program. Hope this helps and good luck either way!
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Thanks for the feedback Katsmom! I don't mind meat. What attracted me to this program is the regular accountability and having some supplements that can help aid that. Plus, for the most part, I've seen people have had extraordinary results with it.

I only need to lose about 15 lbs, so it's just those last pesky lbs that I can't seem to get off no matter what I do. did you ask them for a vegetarian option? It sounds like they will accommodate for that, from everything I've read.

Do you have a suggestion on a program that might be better to look at? I've done weight watcher in the past and had some moderate results with that. The lbs have creaped back on.
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It's tempting to look at a program with so many products that promise great results. But honestly, we don't see that kind of progress from our members that try them. Our success and maintainers forums are filled with people who lost weight on traditional diet and exercise programs, not supplements.

In my opinion, it looks expensive and the products are not what we would recommend.

They sell a "carb blocker" but there's really no such thing. At best, these products can slow down the absorption of starches but they don't block them. You can buy the same thing at any vitamin shop for a fraction of the price.

They sell a "cleansing tea" which is just a laxative and that isn't going to help anyone lose fat. There's nothing cleansing about it and unless you are constipated, you should not use it. The key ingredient in a tea of this type is usually senna, and you can purchase senna products at any drugstore for much less.

Their Omega Oils cost 4 times what I pay for a high quality brand. Plus they make the claim that omega oils speed up weight loss. A study released a few weeks ago, and published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, showed omega oils had no effect on weight loss. The study lasted 24 weeks and the results were the same for both the omega and placebo groups.

Weight Watchers has a brand new plan you might be interested in. You mentioned moderate success with it in the past and then you regained. The most important thing about a weight loss plan is choosing something you can stick with, because the diet never really ends. Weight loss is just practice for maintenance You can't stick with Slimgenics, it's temporary. Weight Watchers is something you can do forever. My mother is a WW Lifetime member and has kept her weight off for quite a few years. She still goes to meetings to keep it off.

Whatever you choose, we wish you the best of luck
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Slimgenics sounds a lot like Metabolic Research Center! Are these similar? Do you feel the same about MRC that you do Slimgenics? Nothing worse than losing weight, then gaining it back because it is just not realistic or healthy to stay on their supplements/modified foods, etc!!
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