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Default Slim Fast

Has anyone ever had any success on slim fast? I know it's processed food but I'm desperate to find something that's going to fit into my hectic life. I will be resuming nursing school come January and I just don't have the time to cook more than once a day (sometimes not even that), not to mention that I hate cooking anyway.

Last time I was on this website was almost a year ago and I was attempting Atkins and exercising to Jillian Michaels, I lost about twenty lbs then. I went back to edit my information for my starting and current weight and it was disheartening to see that I didn't have to change any information because I'm back to weighing as much as I did then.
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I never found slim fast to be filling or long-lasting enough. I would end up eating in between. Two shakes were never sufficient to tide me over until dinner. And it doesn't really retrain you into new habits, it's a temporary fix until you can go back to eating again.
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luckyme, I'm one of the minority of 3fc posters who has not embraced the "whole foods" lifestyle--I live by myself, I'm a lousy cook, and I'm busy.

Here are some of the quick options that have helped me.

(1) I don't really use Lean Cuisine or Healthy Choice entrees because they're too small to fill me up. However, I'll sometimes eat one of the Hormel heat-and-eat entrees such as turkey breast (390 calories) or salisbury steak (590 calories) with no side dish as a hearty dinner. They're kind of high in sodium but otherwise fit well into a low-carb-style plan.

(2) I like pre-packaged salads. My local store carries some that range from 230 to 290 calories and have just the right amount of lettuce, dressing, and fixin's--they also come with a plastic fork. I also like the McDonalds Southwest Salad with Grilled Chicken for 420 calories.

(3) I like some of the fiber bars such as Fiber Plus for snacks. Without giving TMI, at some point it became clear that I wasn't getting enough fiber; for 130 calories or so, I can get 9 grams of fiber and a tasty, filling snack.

(4) I like the Atkins pre-mixed shakes as occasional snacks, too.

(5) Fresh fruits and vegetables make good, easy snacks. My weirdest snack is a cup of frozen peas. And, when I say frozen peas, I mean frozen. It's about 100 calories, it's filling, and it's high in fiber, and I like it.

(6) I eat a Jimmy Dean D-Lights sandwich for breakfast most days. They range from 230 to 290 calories and have egg white, cheese, and turkey sausage or Canadian bacon on a muffin, bagel, or croissant. The mix of protein, fat, and carbs seems to be good for me (I'm one of the people who can't eat cold breakfast cereal--all it does is make me hungry).

Maybe I should feel guilty for eating so much processed food, but it's working better for me than anything I've done before so I've stuck with it.

Hope you find a plan that works for you.
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Thanks! People always make it sound like it's impossible to lose weight on processed foods, but it seems you've done just fine. Eventually I'd like to do the whole "whole foods" thing but if I can lose weight on processed now that's really my only option. I tried eating whole foods, and it sounds easier than it actually is, a lot of cooking involved. There's only so many apples and raw carrots i can eat in a day if I don't feel like cooking The pea thing made me laugh by the way, pretty interesting snack... don't think I'll be trying that one, lol.

P.S.- I won't be buying any of those Jimmy D-Light sandwiches either... Last time I bought a box I ate all four sandwiches in one sitting
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Slim Fast always made my stomach hurt and never filled me up. Perhaps you could try making a pitcher of smoothies enough to last a day or two to keep in your fridge, and get some of those rubbermaid beverage containers to make single servings to grab & go in your fridge? Perhaps some protein powder or yogurt & fruits and berries?

Just an idea.....
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