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Default Coconut oil, CLA, GLA, Evening Primrose, triple omega....

Is anyone taking any of these things Coconut oil, CLA, GLA, Evening Primrose, triple omega for weight loss? Any luck?
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None of the above have been proven to really help weight loss, though some have shown a very slight benefit. However, there are other benefits to taking omega oils, GLA, evening primrose, etc. I would suggest reading for more information on those. It's a very reputable resource. Coconut oil - cons outweigh the pros according to the American Heart Association as well as Dr. Weil. I personally avoid it like the plague and I say this as both a person interested in weight control as well as heart health.
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i've been taking coconut oil and eating more fish. on the days i eat fish and work out i seem to drop a pound the next day? i'm still trying to figure out my diet but i've been eating fish for my omega 3. i've been taking coconut oil for about 2 months and it seems to give me energy. a tablespoon every morning for me seems to have helped me in weight loss. on cheat days i would always gain a few pounds the next day when i weight. now that i take coconut oil i've noticed that on cheat days when i weight the next day my weight stays the same. as far as dr weil i've read a few of his articles on his website. he calls coconut oil a bad fat and should be avoided. i also noticed one coconut oil article hasn't been updated since 2005. i'm sticking with coconut oil and i'll be sure to keep you posted on results.
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I've recently been introduced to coconut oil and that is what I have been cooking with. My weightloss has been steady. I don't attribute my weightloss to coconut oil but I haven't noticed a stop of weightloss or any weight gain while using it. There is tons out there saying it's good for you. I think it's something you'd have to decide for yourself.
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