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Does it Work? Unsure if the latest product or service lives up to it's claims? From popular products to the latest scams, discuss it here before you buy!

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Default Smart Technique

Has anyone one tried the Smart Technique tapes/cd's by The Mommies? I have seen their infomercials a few times, and looks intriguing. The tapes are supposed to help change the way you think about food, and your eating habits.
Sounds like a good idea to me, just hate to spend that much money on something that may not help.
Anyone used this?
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Looks like a waste of money to me...

I checked out the website. $100 for what sounds like stuff that's already out there...oh I see...the big gimmick here (and there's always a gimmick) is the self-hypnosis "reprogramming your mind to be thin". Nothing new here - these kinds of audio and/or video self hypnosis products have been out for decades - it's just a different marketing spin, that's all. I have never watched or even heard of "The Mommies" but judging from their mini bio on the website, I wouldn't exactly call them experts in the fields of nutrition, psychology, or weight loss. I'm sure they're making quite a substantial amount of money, though, from putting their faces and name on this QUESTIONABLE (to say the least) product.

ANY weight-loss plan that claims to be "easy and effortless" should cause a red light to flash. All of us know that losing weight is far from easy and effortless!

Actually a good rule of thumb is to stay away from infomercial weight-loss products altogether...or wait about 3-6 months and buy a used set for around $15 when the used ones start showing up on eBay in droves (just like a kajillion other "easy and effortless" infomercial weight-loss products)!
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Thumbs down You are feeling very full...

I tried a similar program years ago and then again last year. But if this tell you anything - I paid ALOT of money and went to a Hypno-therapist that was considered one of the best. My tapes were custom made specifically to my situation as well as the subliminal tapes. I even had a hypnotic video.

First off - I have no idea why I ever did it again because it didn't work the first time and suprise, it didn't work the second time. So I can't imagine "stock" tapes and "stock"subliminals would work.

The only positive that came out - I was able to uncover other issues through the live one on one hypnosis sessions - unrelated to weight - that would help me understand some other issues in my life - but then I had to work to change them myself.

I don't know if the program comes with affirmations - but that is something I strongly believe and those do work - but you can do them for FREE. Just write down some positive statements and say them to yourself every morning. - sounds corny but they do make you feel better and you start believing.

I actually get a good laugh everytime I click past the infomercial as I think my hynosis sessions.
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I am using these tapes now and actually am finding them very helpful. They are not hypnosis as much as relaxation techniques. I am really enjoying the added benifit of more restful sleep. I have only been doing them for 2 weeks. I start on the 3rd week tape tomorrow and I already do feel a difference in the way my clothing fits. I am also drinking a lot more water and eating a lot more fresh fruit and vegetables.

If you would like to read more about the experience of people who are using these you may want to visit


I am not saying that these will work for everyone but they do offer a 6 week money back guarantee. That is less the cost of shipping.
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