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Default Sketchers Shape Up Shoes - Anyone tried them?

I just saw a quick commercial on Sketchers Shape Up Shoes. They look like a regular walking shoe, only with a thicker (bouncy or springy?) sole. They cost over $100 so I thought I'd check to see what others thought before buying.

You can check them out at (I can't post links yet).
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Here's an Amazon link:

The whole premise behind these is that they make your walking inefficient, thus making your body burn more calories. It seems like they're gearing them more for walking shoes, and if so, they may help, but maybe not.
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Out of curiosity, I clicked the link as I wanted to see what they look like.
I don't know - I would really hesitate to spend the $$ on them. I think I would prefer to keep my less efficient regular running shoes and some jogging instead (that is, if I didn't have plantar fasciitis). AND keep my money.

I also scrolled down and found ANTI-CELLULITE insoles.
That sounds like a true snake oil to me. LOL
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I'm so glad you posted about this. I saw an ad in People mag yesterday and meant to post later but forgot. I saw other companies with similar shoes at the expo before the Country Music Marathon (my sister ran the half). It's a neat concept but too much money and they just look silly to me
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Curves makes a shoe alot like this sold through Avon for ALOT less. I bet they would work but probably cause muscle pain until your body adjusted to them.
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...yeah they look silly! but i have been wondering the same things about them. I'm not convinced so I will be keeping my $$ for the time being!
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I have to agree with everyone else, it's too pricey to try out. Especially sketchers, those used to be the cheaper shoes at the store. Did they go upscale when I wasn't looking?
A good pair of walking/running shoes will run you about that price and you know what your getting with them.
Sarah in MD
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Default They ain't so bad! :)

I was visiting Somni in the states last month, when I stumbled upon the Sketchers Shape Ups. I was rather hesitant at first, wondering if they were just a weird gimmick/fad, but after seeing them, we went home and looked up a bunch of reviews on them, and found that all of the reviews seemed pretty glowing. So, before I left, I went ahead and bought a pair.

I have to say that so far, I'm enjoying them a lot. They are very cushy to wear, comfy and give LOTS of padding when you walk. You do have to walk in a certain way in order to get the work out side of them, but I can walk naturally in them as well without any sort of problem, if I'm not looking for the muscle workout.

In fact, I spent 2.5 hours walking around in them yesterday as a friend and I went shopping and walking, and though I did quite often forget to walk in a manner that would work the muscles, when I did remember, I got a very nice calf workout. I didn't feel it so much in the butt, which they say in the ads the shoes are also supposed to work, but, I definitely felt it in my calves.

They don't make you walk funny or anything, or even inefficiently, its just a different motion with your foot, you kinda roll from the heel to the toe when you walk, which actually feels quite nice once you are used to it.

So, I am enjoying them so far!

(And as a side note, they are perfect when you want to bounce a baby on your knee. hehehe. Makes it kinda fun and much easier on the muscles. lol )

One thing I will say though, if you are thinking about buying them, you need to know that they run small. I normally where an 8.5 shoe, and my Sketcher Shape Ups are 9.5 and a tiny bit snug.

I'd love to hear about other people's experiences with these shoes!!
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I wonder how this will affect your knee and hip joints in the long run, if your gait/stride is being affected...

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Originally Posted by kiramira View Post
I wonder how this will affect your knee and hip joints in the long run, if your gait/stride is being affected...

Kinda like heels

But I wonder how much time the average person would actually spend in them anyway.

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These are similar to MBT. MBT were designed from how a tribe in Africa walks barefoot. The way they walk works your core and that is what these shoes are supposed to do, work your core. I work with women who own MBT shoes and swear by them. One girls mom has 6 pair and at almost $200 a pair, that says something about them.
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I've never worn heels, except going out to dinner when DH and I were dating 17 years ago. Never wore them as a teen. Never wore them in the workplace because I worked in sneakers (job requirement) or boots (job requirement) from the age of 18 onwards, and as a result, have nice straight feet and toes with no orthopedic issues whatsoever. I don't even own a pair of heels today -- only wear flats with dressy clothes, and since there's no $$ to go anywheres special, they'll do!!!

I'm glad for that, cause I have friends who spent years jamming their feet into heels and today are paying the price, orthopedically...


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They had a shoe like this on the Rachel Ray show. It was a lot more expensive than the Skechers shoe. They had a regular person try it out for a couple of weeks and they said it worked. It really helped them tone up their legs. My chiropractor even wear them so it must not mess with your back or hips.
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I just got the MBTs. I am wearing them today after a week debating on whether to return them because of the cost. I got some silicone spray to protect them and put them on. I can feel the workout. I can also say my back feels better!
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Im telling you- this is going to make it onto a VH1 show one day - " I love the 00'S"
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