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Lightbulb What I have learned...

This morning I woke up and realized that I have to put an end to this weight gain. I am done making excuses for myself, blaming my metabolism, my stress, my work...everyone but me. I have tried many diets, pills, name it.

Yesterday I had to go shopping because my size 14 jeans did not fit.
For the first time in my life I had to purchase a size 16 (and they are tight). I used to wear a size 2/3 and year after year I kept moving up a size. Finally, size 16, in front on a mirror, and I am looking deformed.

I am 27 years old, 5'5", weigh 210 lbs and at my lowest I've weighed 125 lbs.
This has to stop!

I've been looking at the forums and figured I would post the things that did not work for me in hopes that it helps someone save some time and money during the weightloss process....

My first diet pill (oh I thought I was so cool, finally figuring out this weight loss!):
It helped at the time, while I was working out. dropped a few pounds, kept me in a permanent hyper state...I was young & stupid...and now this pill has been recalled...go figure!

The many more pills that came:
Metabolife: junk
Slimquick: more junk
Xenadrine: worked but plateau
Green Tea with Hoodia: junk
Trim Spa: even more junk
Alli: worked but you have to stick to the plan

The diets I tried:
(w/all protein diet)
South beach
6 Week Body Make over
The Best Life
Weight Watchers
Slim Fast
Special K
Dr Assisted weight loss
(Phentermine and starvation)

With all of these diets I had a good 10-30 pound loss but was unable to keep it off.

I guess where I'm getting with this is that FAD diets and pills dont work...don't waste your time or money...stay away from the FAD B-12 shot and Phentermine..its horrible for you...YOU WILL GAIN IT ALL BACK, and then some...I did it TWICE

I know its been drilled in our brains that it is a lifestyle change....
I think Im ready for that change now...

I will keep you posted once I find a healthy/non miracle eating plan that wil help me make this change...
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Thanks for sharing your experiences with us! Just more proof that "lose weight quick" schemes don't work and it really boils down to healthy eating and exercise.

Good luck on your journey! There's so much to learn from this website so definitely stick around and hop on the healthy bandwagon!
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the premise behind the prescription drugs for weight loss is that you are also seeing a nutritionist and that you are working out 3 days a week. there is no such thing as a "diet". they just dont work. you have to find something that works for you. some people will be fine using b12 shots and phentermine because that is what THEIR body needs to help boost. some people will use buettel (sp) others will count calories alone. some will use alli..some use slimfast. the bottom line is..all the above that you mentioned are short term fixes. it is OUR responsibility to maintain the weight after its been lost. we need to be aware of how our own bodies metablolize carbs, protien, etc. anyway what i am saying have to start first with the basics..eating better and exercising daily..then go from there. but remember its a life long battle..not just until we get thin..the weight always creeps back up and bites us in the butt.
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Hi there! There was a thread a while ago about "What did not work for you", and the posts were alot like yours.

Hang in there. There ARE plans out there that are healthy and non-miracle, and there are threads on this forum about them.

I went through pretty much what you went through, but did find that WW is the plan for me. But I think this is because I treat WW as a COMPONENT of my LIFESTYLE CHANGE. WW lets me address my diet in a healthy, balanced way without eliminating completely those foods I want to enjoy from time to time and without eliminating my social life. I found an exercise that I like to do, and this fills this component of my lifestyle change.

I personally think that it will come down to finding the right path for you. But for alot of us, a structured diet plan is the only way that we can control our intake, whether we count calories or count WW points or count carbs. It has to be done, and it isn't painless.

Let us know what your path turns out to be!

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A few of those plans you listed do work....Maybe not for you but I am pretty sure at least WW works for me so warning people away from them might not be the best thing, everyone is different Once you really start thinking of "diet" as a lifestyle & can commit to it then it'll be easier to reach your goal. I rank it up there with raising my children....since I took that responsibility I have to see it through. With both things it can get tough but you will be rewarded as long as you stay true to yourself

I agree with the pills...they are a huge waste of money!! Gotta love people and the desire for a "quick fix".

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Thanks for your honesty on this. I've been down a similar path and the only thing I've found to really work is patience, reduced calorie intake and exercise. The only way, slow and steady.
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I agree with Tanee here. Many of these plans do work to lose weight but its up to you to learn to maintain. Yes I have lost weight many times before only to regain it, but it was my own fault that I reverted back to my old ways of fast food and sugar. There are no magic pills. We must learn to change our habits permanently. The way I look at it, I didn't get fat overnight and I certainly won't get skinny overnight either.
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Please don't take this the wrong way.

You sound just like a good friend of mine. To be honest, in her case it was/is totally frustrating for me. She has tried many things like you have, spent tons of money on stuff that JUST DOESN'T WORK. She has more excuses then a teenager who comes home after curfew.

The thing that you and she need to realize is that there is no MAGIC PILL OR DIET. It's called LIFESTYLE CHANGE. It takes 21 days to change a behavior. That's when you see results.

Having said that, I too went through some different ways to lose only worked for me for a short time and then I HAD to change what I was doing. Tried LA Weight Loss and WW. LAWL worked for me, WW didn't. I went back and forth with a week of exercise and eating right, but never in my mind made the lifestyle change. It wasn't until I started counting calories and working out regularly that I saw a permanent change...not only in my body but in my mind. If I go off plan either food or exercise...I can't wait to get back on. And when that happens, it has never been for more then 2 days. So you see, what I was FINALLY able to do was make the lifestyle change. And as you can see, I am past my goal.
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Agreeing strongly with Jacque. There is no product, scheme, fasting, drinking shakes, magic pills etc. It has to come from within. Personally South Beach did it for me. Simply because I LOVE to cook and try out new recipes and after 2 years never get bored with my food. But it all boils down to less calories and more exercise..bottom line. Just eat healthy...avoid anything "white and processed" and no sugar, don't let yourself get hungry and stay on an even keel. Just think and eat healthy and that will do the trick. Lifestyle change. You can't "go on a diet" and then "go off a diet". It has to be for life. Think health first and losing weight as a great side benefit. Don't be in a rush, make yourself sick and then gain it all back.
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