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Question Cream for cellulite

I've found that it's much easier to lose weight than it is cellulite. Has anyone heard about 'thermogenic' slimming creams? I saw one called [edited]. You rub the cream right on the 'problem spots'. Any advice about creams?
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Personally, I don't have cellulite.
However, my good friend has it bad, all over her thighs, bum, and legs. She has tried every cream known to man. None of them have worked.
I don't believe any actually work as well as they say to do, if at all.
Thats my 2 cents.
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ive tried and none of them have worked ..
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Cellulite creams don't work... at least, they can't get rid of cellulite, though some of them can (temporarily, which means for a few hours) improve the appearance of your skin. Cellulite is caused by the way fat is stored in your body, which you unfortunately can't change. Some people, though, find that losing fat and gaining muscle tone helps out a lot.
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Yep - cellulite is fat interacting with an unchangeable part of your body makeup - how your connective tissue is spaced, and how close it is to your skin. The second part you can't change. Weight loss will reduce body fat and may make cellulite less apparent, but no cream can change the way your connective tissue is shaped.
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Ok, here's what I read... The study that demonstrated effectiveness of the ingredient in the cream didn't have such hot results. It took 6 to 12 weeks to lose a half an inch off the thighs. The fat isn't actually gone, it's just kind of tightened for lack of a better word. As soon as you stop using the cream, the measurement returned to normal. Here's one of the articles discussing this, there are more out there (google) but I don't know enough about this this to begin to understand it

A 12 week supply of the cream costs $140 to $270. Is it worth it?

Instead, try a diet and exercise program. It's free, will have much better results, and it's real weight loss
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