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Default Kinoki Detox

Anyone know if these work, or think they do? I saw them and they looked interesting. Reminded me of when I got an ionic footbath. Now THAT is an interesting experience, if you have never had one. Kinda icky, but still neat.
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There are no clinical studies or scientific evidence that this product does what they claim. Also, the body doesn't even need detoxing. It's a popular scam which reputable doctors, universities, and hospitals say is unnecessary and potentially dangerous.

It's just a matter of time before this product gets pulled, but innocent people will throw away millions of $ before that happens.

Regarding ionic foot baths - it's just quackery. Here's an interesting article from the Science Blogs that exposes it

The foot pads must change color in a similar way.
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This stuff really annoys me, because it's often so hard to convince some people that they've been duped, no matter how much scientific evidence you have to prove it. There is a psychological explanation, the more one has worked, suffered or paid for something, the more value they place on it, and less likely they are to give it up.

Psych professors attributed this explanation to one of the reasons women don't leave abusive relationships. They've paid so dearly for the relationship, that giving it up means admitting they've done something stupid.

I have a friend who is constantly pushing wacky "alternative" cures on me (and they keep getting whackier). It's driving me crazy. When I send her "proof" that these cures are quackery, she dismisses it as propaganda by doctors not wanting to lose money (why she finds it hard to believe that money might also be a motive for alternative medicine practitioners is beyond me). She isn't uneducated so I don't understand why she dismisses the same science she studied (and saw working) in favor of confusing, vague and conflicting magical explanations.

I guess I was ranting, sorry!
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