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Default Push Program Experiences? How can a newbie tone/shape/firm? Recommendations PLEASE!

I'm new to this forum, but not to dieting/ exercise. If someone has already asked this I apologize for asking it again but I looked on the forums and wasn't able to really find anything. So the Push program, the one that sends DVD's to your home every month and customizes the program for it worth it? anyone have experience?

I have really wanted to use a personal trainer but with gym fees plus a high fee for just one hour ...there's no way I can afford it. So if anyone has advice or can share their experience I would be grateful. The reason I am attracted to push is the customizable quality. I like that I can select who will motivate me best and which exercises work best for me. I have some knee problems and while I can work out and use them as well as the next person I just don't want to cause any undue stress to the joint.

I guess what I am looking for is a plan to shape and tone my body. I want some definition. I have been dieting and on the whole I like my proportions but I want to firm up and in essence shape myself (my arms, abs, back and thighs more specifically). I am always doing cardio, but have no idea how to really lift weights or what exercises to do so I felt like Push might be the idiotproof solution, but if anyone can recommend a different DVD or book or anything that will teach me some basics in creating an individualized workout program I am open to learning about an alternative.
Thanks in advance!
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I'm not sure if you ran across it or not, so I'll post it here just in case We tried PUSH and really liked it. We wrote a little about it here if it helps. We've had several members use PUSH that were hooked on it. However, as with every other fitness program, some people may not like it. It's perfect for beginners and it grows with you. You can get the first month free from the link in our review, and if you don't like it you can cancel and keep the first dvd, no risk

Something else we like is which is a trainer workout that you mix with your own music tracks and play in your ipod.

If you want something more traditional, I like Kathy Smith's Lift Weights to Lose Weight DVDs, combined with a treadmill or other cardio
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I did PUSH for 3 months. I signed up at the beginner level because I thought it'd be too hard if I picked the second level (aspiring athlete, I think they called it). I picked Bob Harper as my trainer. The first month they pretty much work on strengthening your core. I tracked my food in a diary and did the workouts like they specify and lost 5 lbs the first month. I really felt stronger in my core and felt like I was holdong in my tummy better. The second month added in a few more toning exercises, but still had the core exercises. I lost maybe a pound that second month. The third month was a little bit different, but I had stopped losing weight and I lost interest and cancelled my membership. The first 2 cardio segments, I liked- Petra and Violet Zaki, but the third one I got, I did not care for. I think her name was Ary Nunez? Sorry if I misspelled that. It just did not flow well for me. I guess because I had stopped seeing results, was the main reason I quit doing it. It is a good solid workout and it goes by fairly quickly. Once, I got out month 3 and did it, since not doing it in over a month or two, and I was sore the next day. So, I think the exercises work, I just got bored with it-like everything else . After that, I started doing Jari Love's Slim & Lean. After a couple of months I got tired of that also. Now I'm doing something called Transformetrics where you do isometric exercises and your own body weight for muscle building. I'm sure I'll get bored with that also and go on to something else . So, all in all, I liked PUSH and it did get me into working out on a regular basis. You have to commit to doing the strength training 3 times a week and doing 100 minutes of cardio a week. I looked at their website recently and it looks like they've added a new trainer and another package you can get-Power PUSH, I think it's called. Ok, I think I've rambled enough. Best wishes to you, Donna
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I used it for 5 months, but have cancelled it. I signed up as Experienced exerciser because according to the criteria they had on their website, that is where I fit You work out regularly and try to integrate cardio and strength training into your routine. On a good day (say, 3-4 times a week), you can sustain 30 minutes of running or other strenuous cardio activity. Boy was this wrong!! The cardio portions were fine, but they did NOT address the strength level when making a selection on what level to pick, which I now feel is a really bad idea. As as result of pushing myself way too hard I am now left with a serious shoulder injury. I thought I was just being wimpy when I had trouble with some of the upper body exercises.

Just an FYI if you decide to pick the program.. Really take your ability to do things like pushups, dolphins and other upper body exercises that use your OWN body weight when picking a level. I didn't and now am paying the price for my own stupidity.
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