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Default Thanks for your reviews of Alli

Thanks for the posts of people who have actually tried it. It has been hard to read through the posts about Alli because so many people who are not using it are just giving their opinions, and if you posted something that was pro-alli the backlash was discouraging on what is suppose to be a friendly, supportive website. Thank you for the information about the headaches too. Please keep posting if you are using it for those of us who are just starting out. If we all just had willpower, this website probably would not exist.
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I think a healthy amount of skepticism is a good thing because this product is not for everyone. People really need to understand how it work and what the consequences are if you eat more fat than you are suppose to before taking it.

The reason why I post on these boards about it instead of the Alli boards is because anyone can post their thoughts and experiences without the comments being moderated (like they are on the Alli site).
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my headache is gone too.......could be because I upped my water.
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A lot of posts were more than skepticism. I am a skeptic too. I was wondering why a few moderators on this site came down on it so strongly, when it is being advertised on this site. I would never take any OTC drug like Alli or prescription drug without checking it out. I agree with you that the Alli site is bias if all comments have to go through a moderator. I find most of my information about various OTC and prescription drugs on chat sites from people actually using the product. Like the headache side effect some people are having. I had major headaches when I tried the Fat Smash diet.
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This is the best thread! I have not posted to the Alli thread for the same reasons as stated above. If I have an issue, I want it to be out in the open and not censored. BUT... some of the feedback and criticisms have been overwhelming on some of the 3FC threads as well. Mostly from people who have not tried it, and "could not be paid enough to try it." I respect their opinion and their choice. BUT I also respect other peoples choice to pony up the money and give it a try.

So far so good. My appetite is down significantly. Worrying about "oily gas" seems to have that effect on me! The bothersome headache is finally gone. I have had no adverse effects at all, but I am following a very strict diet regimen and exercising. I have no false illusions about the power of this pill. Success is in my hands and my hands alone. So for those who would like a different perspective, I have completed day 3 with no treatment effects and the scale has been steadily moving in the downward direction. I won't do my final weigh in until next Monday.

Good Luck to everyone... no matter what method you pursue!
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FYI - This is a does it work? forum and often opinions are posted based on things we have read. The title of the this thread is basically "Thoughts on Alli". So people have posted their thoughts. As I said before, either in this thread or another, Alli isn't really new as Xenical has been around for years.

If you would like a place to discuss your use of Alli, rather than asking if it works and asking for the opinions of others, I suggest you form an Alli support group.

General diet plans would be my suggested area for starting an Alli group
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Originally Posted by tkt117 View Post
I have no false illusions about the power of this pill. Success is in my hands and my hands alone.
That's a great attitude People have to realize that the medication is not a solution, it's just a tool to help you along. I think an individual's attitude towards it makes all the difference for success and failure.
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Today is my first day on Alli and my low fat diet. I will keep everyone updated on my progress.
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it's always something
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We've started a new thread in General Diet Plans for those taking alli. If you currently take it, please share your experiences and tips here -
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