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Default synthroid question

has anyone had any menstral issues while on synthyroid? i read on another thread that someones dr told her theres a connection bt thyroid hormones and regular hormobnes and i recently upped my meds and havent had a cycle in 5 weeks.
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Andrea, I haven't had a cycle in several years (I'm still in my 30s, not menopausal yet). Finally went to my dr. in January and she told me I was hypothyroid and prescribed synthroid. She said that may have contributed to no cycle.

I'm still not having a regular cycle, even with Provera, but my dr. did say that the hypothyroid could be contributing to no cycle.

That's kind of the opposite issue from what you're having I don't know if that helps you or not, except that I understood from what she said that your thyroid levels could affect your menstrual cycle.
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thanks jt i was looking to see if it was from increasing my synthyroid. i was on .39 then went to .50 and now im very late and im def not preggo.
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since starting the syntroid it has helped my cycle, I used to have 5-6 a year now they are lighter & pretty regular. see if you need it upped, I started at .25 1 year ago and now I am at 125. Plus it has helped lower my Cholresterol
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synthroid has helped mine. I was hemorrhaging (spelling?) and had no idea what was happening. Dr. was talking surgery but ran the thyroid test and I was very hypothyroid. I also had depression and hair loss. I've been on syn. for several years now and feel a lot better.
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I've been on synthroid for about 4 years now.

Because of hypothyroidism...
Before synthroid I had a menstrual "cycle" that lasted 4 months and heavy... HEAVY!

Synthroid helped that instantly. I take 125 mcg a day. However to keep my body cycling I have to skip one day every 2 months, then I get a short regular cycle.

I know lots of people just go without menstruating but I don't feel safe doing that. I might want to try to have kids some day.
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