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Default Asthma chicks???

There must be heaps of us here. I love exercise and avoided it for many years because of my asthma. Now I realise that I can exercise with asthma as long as I watch for the signs and take care of myself.

Sometimes though, it gets me. I am very episodal at the moment, due to new carpets being laid at work. I've always been allergic to new carpet, so much so that my parents never ever had new carpet!

So I have laid off exercise a bit this week, and being a bit more cautious with my calories. And hopefully things will get back to normal next week!
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I'm one. Didn't get it til adulthood bizarrely.

Find it comes and goes sometimes its absolutely terrible sometimes I forget I have it but always have to be careful in summer have very bad hayfever too and make sure i'm clean as dust makes it terrible and not to overdo it in the pool (heat sets it off) and the gym.

Haven't noticed that carpet does it for me though.
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I have it too. I hurt so bad when it rains or if I'm around a lake for to long.
As for exercise I can only do 5 mins at a time. I had it as a teen to ,but didn't know it , because I was told I was fat all time (at a140lbs) so I thought that was why I couldn't breathe and my lung hurt so bad so I never told anyone and I ran track my lung would hurt and I did realy know what asthma was all I knew was I was fat because I was told that all the time.
My grandma had it I wish now a would of told her I think she would of been the only one who would of told me what was worng.
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Anything chemical based sets me off. I love to swim, and I still do it, but the chlorine sets me off, fresh paint, freshly laid carpet, strong glue............ I can usually avoid those triggers, but at the moment it's a jolly nuisance. My employer was warned. I would have pushed to have the week off, but I have my Christmas do tonight and didn't want to have the week off then go to the dinner, that would have been cheeky.

I have had it since I was a baby. I was told I would grow out of it once an adult. Well I'm 33 now, and it ain't happened yet! Perhaps I'm not a grown up yet
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I'm an asthma chick too. Had it all my life but diagnosed only last year. I wish I'd been diagnosed earlier in life when I was coughing so hard I'd nearly throw up after running at school! My lack of breath is a lot of why I've avoided exercise throughout my life.

I've just joined a gym though and the trainer there has me starting on the treadmill really slowly to warm up. Once I've done 10 mins of that I can really get going and the asthma doesn't kick in. Its weird because I can work out for 45mins at the gym and be fine then walk up the stairs to the office and be really wheezing!

And Kykaree - Christmas Do? Eh? Has time just rewound without my noticing?
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Weird isn't it, Christmas in February!!!! The venue is cheaper this time of year

I did a course through the Asthma Foundation in Australia and that really helped me learn how to manage it, and got me in contact with other people with it.

I did swimming for Asthma classes when I was little. One of my friends died of it at school, which really scared me for a long time.

I find that with exercise. In the gym, I am fine, but if I run up a flight of stairs, I usually wheeze. I think it's because exercise is planned, and you work up to a level, rather than stopping and starting. A lot of my asthma is emotional and situational, and I know certain situations will trigger it.

It's like with this carpet thing, because I am stressed and in the back of my mind a bit worried about my job and what management will think of me making such a fuss, it's making it worse than just an allergy alone.

My fears are completely unfounded though, my manager has been fabulous, and everyone is being really supportive. And it's loads better today now that I am in an office with old carpet!!!!!!!
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What are you waiting for?
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Im also an asthma chick, Had it since I was born. I actually breathe so much easier if I workout daily, When I don't or miss a day I have a really hard time breathing,it's weird but true! I had a hard time when I started to workout but if I continue to do it then I keep breathing through it easier and easier if i miss one day i have a hard time not losing my breath or weezing through-out the workout.
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It is a myth that you outgrow asthma. That was the old way of thinking. I had it as a child, was told I outgrew it, and it returned with a vengence about 10 years ago. The doctor told me it goes into remission and now there is almost an epedemic among older people of asthma returning.

I am greatly bothered by cold air, even to the point I can't be by the freezer cases in the grocery store very long. A lot of chemicals set me off. Had a lot of problems due to allergies but did 5 years of desensitizing shots and that has helped a lot. I also have GERD which makes it worse. I am on Advair and Singular now and that seems to be the best for me. I use my Albuterol 30 minutes before exercise and that lets me walk fast for about 45 minutes. I dread having to go on Prednisone (guaranteed to gain 10 pounds in 10 days) but sometimes that is all that helps me.
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Me Too! I've had asthma since I was about 12yrs. old. I find that if I get upset or excited about things,it really acts up. I am allergic to everything in this world I'm sure so anything can set it off,Thankfully I am taking Advair daily and Salbutamol for emergencies,and it seems to help some!Although not completly under control.
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i don't have asthma but i have congestive heart desease. i take a water pill to get rid of the fluid around my lungs and heart. it helps with the weezing. ask your drs. about taking a water pill. glen
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I have asthma as well and it does make exercise difficult at times. I just slow the pace down when I feel an attack coming on. I can't do alot of fast paced cardio however because I most of my asthma attacks are brought on by high endurance cardio. I do find however that since I started Cardio that the attacks are fewer.

I find that with the right timing for my cardio and proper eating patterns that it helps alot.
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My trainer suggested I do HIIT cardio, which I tried once, he looked a bit embarrassed when I had an asthma attack on the cross trainer, poor guy was mortified! I can do large bouts of solid state high intensity, but going up and down like that makes my lungs completely confused!
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Default You Betcha

All I have to do is work out to the point of being red sweating to bring on a great attack!
What I'm trying now is to work out on elliptical or recumbant bike just to below the point of being overheated - I feel sweat, I slow down, then speed up gradually for .5 hr or so.

But then, I get in the pool and swim for half an hour. First, I got my time up, now I'm increasing the intensity of my workout - the water takes away the body heat,

I resent having to cope with both asthma and bad knees (brought on by negative reactions to the steroids we so often take) that I didn't work out for, like 10 years - so I have all that out-of-shapeness (I KNOW that's not a word, but you know what I mean) to deal with - no one ever said this was fair, but I do believe, today that it can be done.

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I've got exercise-induced asthma, and it sucks. I use my inhaler but I can't jog or run for more than a couple minutes before I start weezing and coughing, which sucks. Cardio can be pretty tough for me, but I keep plugging away at it. I had to stop taking Advair, too, because it was interferring with other medications. Bleh.
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Anybody ever dx'd with exercise induced asthma? I was almost 6 years ago. Couldn't figure out why I'd cut the lawn and couldn't breath, or walk up stairs or even go for a walk and have a really hard time breathing. To this day I walk about a block and I'm wheezing. As far as shopping and the asthma, I've learned to take it real slow. I go into the grocery store for 5 items and it takes me about 45 minutes to an hour. Everybody tells me I need to do cardio workouts. Exercise is hard for me I run out of breath and have an attack after 2 minutes, to boot I live in a 2nd floor apartment. I really really hate useing my inhaler try to avoid it. Did I mention I have high BP as well, which could explain why sometimes when I stand up I get dizzy. Any suggestions on exercise or even getting motivated?
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