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Default Picky Eater

Hi everyone! I'm new here, so forgive me if this thread is misplaced! I really won't call this a diet, as my dh and I are trying more of a lifestyle change. I'm a VERY picky eater and I need help with food ideas. I'll give a few examples...

I eat chicken...PLAIN (grilled or baked as long as it hasnt been marinated)
I eat nothing else that has a face (only beef in rare occasions)
I don't eat anything in a casserole or stir fry (everything must be separated)
Veggies are as follows...broccoli, green beans, and corn only
No beans or rice
Can't eat salad as much as I've tried
Just about any and all fruits
No condiments other than ketchup
Currently switched all breads/pastas to whole wheat

Right now my daily meals are...
1c Special K fruit and yogurt cereal w/ skim milk (don't drink left over milk)
green apple for snack
Turkey & cheese sandwich on whole wheat for lunch w/ fruit
yogurt or granola bar for snack
Chicken and a veggie for supper

I really need help to vary my meals because at this rate I'm going to start hating food all together!
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hi! i am a picky eater too, i eat a little more than your list but i am having a hard time dieting because i do good for about a week then i get so bored of eating the same thing.

im going to try eating more chicken in different things/ ways maybe you can find a new kind of spice or seasoning to try even though you like it plain it will spice it up a bit. ill let you know how it works out for me im going to try a different approach... sorry i couldnt be more helpful good luck!!
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What about fish?

Why are you so picky? Is it taste, texture, smell, visual?

Just curious.
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Have you tried making smoothies?
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WE ARE EXACTLY THE SAME. I eat a few more things and I'm really working hard to try new foods. I had green peppers last week, and it was basically a major breakthrough. They are disgusting, but if there's only a little bit then I think I can handle it. I think i have major texture issues and that makes me convince myself that the food doesn't taste good.

You should try putting very small amounts of a new food into something that you already eat. So small that you can't even taste/feel it, and then the next time, put a little bit more in. Soon you'll be eating a "regular" portion of it and you will barely notice. That's how I switched myself from regular Coke to diet. I started with half and half, couldn't taste the difference, and then slowly started increasing the amount of diet coke. Now all i drink is diet, and I hate regular coke! It's also how I started eating broccoli and cucumbers and a few other things.
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Part of this lifestyle change to weight loss and health is learning to eat a wide variety of foods. I have no patience with pickly eaters.
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Originally Posted by QuilterInVA View Post
I have no patience with pickly eaters.
If she's picky, she probably doesn't like pickles. Sorry...couldn't resist.
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I know this thread wasn't asking for help in enjoying new things, but have you considered that there might be a psychological component to your diet limitations? I have read that some forms of picky eating are closely related to OCD. The only reason I say that is because it seems like you have rejected huge, varied categories of food. Do you really dislike ALL sauces/marinades on chicken? Buffalo sauce, barbeque sauce, honey mustard, lemon pepper, apricot jam, teriyaki, tandoori, alfredo? They're all so different, it seems unusual to those of us who are not so picky that you could dislike ALL of them (while probably most of us dislike SOME of them). It's like condiments- there is such a difference between mayo, mustard, horseradish, pickle relish, salad dressings, worchestershire sauce, and chutney, it seems like such a huge category to dislike!

I don't mean to sound critical, I know that people can't help what they like and don't like, but I do think there is something to trying new foods and even if you don't like them the first time, trying them again. I used to hate almost all seafood, but I kept eating it because it was so low-calorie and good for me, and I wanted to like it, and now I really do. Part of that is getting used to eating it, and part of that is figuring out what kinds of seafood I like- before I just thought I hated seafood so there were a lot of kinds I had never tried. I'm still not a big fan of muddy-tasting catfish, but it's really broadened my horizons to be able to enjoy most other seafood.

It seems like with the extreme limitations you are dealing with, there's probably just not going to be a huge amount of variety in your diet.
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I'm sure that brittnicole has heard many of her fair share of judgments over the years over her being a picky eater. Picky eaters hear these things at basically every single meal where another person is present. I'm not an overly picky eater, but some in my family are, and it's never not a focus of conversation during meals. I'm sure it gets extremely tiring for the picky eaters, but it sure doesn't change anything about them. If anything, I'm sure it makes many of them feel guilty and self-conscious around food (I know it does for my sister-in-law, and contributes to her bad eating habits, binge eating, and other problems). Criticizing her isn't going to make something go off in her brain and say "Oh you're right! Now I suddenly like these tastes and textures."
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Originally Posted by tea2 View Post
If she's picky, she probably doesn't like pickles. Sorry...couldn't resist.
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I too am a picky eater and was hoping to get some ideas to help me keep my diet varied.I truly am so sick of tuna with salad or chicken with salad.

I can't change what I dont like and its not a matter of just trying it, I have had some terrible experiences as a child from being force fed food I didn't like and then being spanked for throwing up at the dinner table. It is definately a texture thing as I couldn't tell you what most of the stuff I don't like tastes like but I can definately describe the texture to you.

I do not like ANY cooked vegatables.
I only like white meat chicken, tuna or some fish as long as it is white flakes such as cod.
The only red meat I eat is ground beef as long as it is at least 94% Lean and then I only eat it made as spaghetti sauce.
I dont like pasta, rice or any type of potato
I also dont like any dairy such as milk, pudding, cottage cheese, yogurt etc

My biggest problem which was a big contributer for my weight gain is that I eat a lot of bread. I have managed to lose the weight I have so far by switching to the meijer brand light wheat which is only 35 calories per slice and I switched to a spread that has 50% less fat.

A typical day for me is as follow
breakfast - 4 slices of toast with light butter and marmalade - 210 calories
mid morning - fruit approx 50 - 100 calories
lunch - grilled chicken breast and lettuce wrap - 200 calories
afternoon snack - rice cake or rice cake snacks, low fat crackers etc 35 to 110 calories
Dinner - tuna and salad or chicken and salad 500 - 600 calories

I do not drink anything other than water except I have two cups of coffee per day, one in AM and one in PM no milk but I do have sugar which is around 60 calories in total

I am good with the day time food but really looking for something different for dinner
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