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Originally Posted by Dostinex View Post
Surgery is risky. If they slip or grind too much, life as you know it will be over. Its the "Master Gland", it emits the chemicals and hormones that control most things in your body.

The right dose will help you, longer term.
I take half a tablet every 2nd day and when taken off it I have quickly gone down hill. It will be 5 years in a few months and yes, I wish I was still "normal" but if none of us will ever know when these things developed, then was I really ever normal?

Regards to your physical appearance. Honestly, I know "having fun" at your age is what you want to do, but consider this....
Would it not be better to work towards finding someone who is willing to commit to you and respect you/understand and accept your condition, rather than more carefree relationships which go nowhere.
Please accept my apologies if I have read what you meant by that wrongly.

I know you are down about this right now so this may not be what you want to hear. If this doesn't go away after years of meds (which is apparently a very rare occurrence), then you will be fighting your weight for years to come.
Do you really want to get with someone who expects you to maintain a certain look and weight for years to come.

I know I get annoyed when my Wife says stuff to me about gyms and unattainable weights and physical features.
I am not happy with how I look but should I have to fight my body for the rest of my life to please others when my body has turned against me?
Should I get up at 4am and exercise for an hour so I can work harder for less results than others get.

These are the kinds of things you have to consider.

Remember, stretchmarks are stretchmarks, they are not burns or really that disfiguring as they fade after about a year.
When you are younger, you are sensitive to stuff like stretchmarks because pop culture portrays to you that you must be perfect to be deemed attractive.
You see actresses and models who look perfect and you never really get to see them without professionally layered make up or what they really look like unclothed since body doubles are often used.

Men dont want perfection. Women get told thats what we want and expect but the truth is we stand around and joke about people like that.
Who honestly wants to live with someone who is constantly self evaluating, counting calories, living at the gym and never there for you?

We all want to look and feel great, but the reality is things go wrong with our bodies and we have to deal with them.
We must at least feel blessed that we live in countries where we can receive medication. Imagine living in a village in a 3rd world nation where you are expected to work each day with all the symptoms and slowly going blind with no one to help you and diagnose a condition that can be managed with a small dose of a small tablet.

I am hope you take this advice the right way. Sometimes words in a forum can seem harsh or hurtful, but his is meant in love.
We live with a secret condition that no one sees and no one understands, especially sometimes those closest to us.
I think we all sometimes shed a collective tear over this condition but at the end of the day, we still have pretty good quality of life so we must be grateful.

I appreciate and thank you for your reply. Just to comment though, I have been in a loving and faithful relationship for about three years now and he does no care one bit about my weight and stretch marks and is understanding of my “condition”. I am not one to constantly self evaluate, count calories or live at a gym. I am saying that being this young I should not have to worry about having stretch marks alllll over my Boobs and having the only people to relate to are women who have had children. I don’t think you would understand that feeling. I should not have to worry on a day to day basis about leaking through my bra when I have not been and am not planning on being pregnant for a very very long time. I completely understand the risks of surgery, TRUST ME. I personally feel that living a truly happy life should not consist of taking harsh medications everyday that make you feel physically and mentally ill and that are not improving your “condition”.

If you knew me, I would probabaly be one of the most grateful people you would ever meet and I never ask for anything more than I need. I have been blessed with many many challenges in my life and this little one is just a number on my list, nothing I cannot handle. This forum is for SUPPORT. I came here to talk to people who understood what I was going through and maybe them sharing how they’ve gotten through or giving words of encouragement. I was not looking for a lengthy reply from someone who takes me as an immature, ungrateful girl who does not know much about relationships, support systems, societies view on women, and what truly matters in life. So my first post on here did NOT make me feel any sort of “support” at all. So I guess that will be my last post. Thanks.
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Default Keto and Prolactinoma

Hey all!

I have known about my pituitary tumor for about 2 years now. No period still. First little bit I tried meds and had such a HUGE problem with Cabergoline and I was SO sick. I had to srop taking it only after a couple weeks. It Made my headaches worse, made me feel so ill, and it was so expensive! After a couple months of struggling with my weight, MASSIVE headaches for 3 years straight and crazy prolactin levels I decided to try keto. I finally lost about 15 pounds (i was 150 and lost to about 135). It’s not that I ever felt fat, I just always held so much extra water weight, especially in my stomach area. I was so tired of looking pregnant all the time!....definitely has helped.

After about a year of being on the ketogenic diet, I had another MRI and it looks like my tumor shrank! No meds. Just keto.

Mind you it’s still there, but my results said “a continued decline in size”
How awesome!

I also take turmeric (Curcumin) pills every day.

Anyone else try keto yet??

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