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Dieting with Obstacles Those with special health concerns such as diabetes, fibromyalgia, pregnancy, etc can post here for extra support and help.

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Hi everyone. While I'm not happy anyone's got to go through this horrible disease I'm happy to see there's a lot of us here talking, albeit sporadically.

Mine started getting out of control after having a dermoid cyst removed in 2010. After that I put on a lot of weight, was deeply depressed, no sex drive and generally unpredictable for a long time. I was bedridden with exhaustion and pelvic pain until October 2011 when my breasts started leaking. A month or two later I developed a weird rash-like texture to the mucous membrane of my eyes. I also had a rough patch of skin on the inside of my lower lip. After weeks of horrible heachahes and prolactin at 1610 the doctor sent me for an MRI and I had a 4mm prolactinoma. They put me on daily Parlodel (bromocriptine) and I was fine after 6 months. A second MRI showed the tumor was gone.

I started working out a lot, lost weight, then about 3 months later I started getting sick again -- moods, sleeping a ton, headaches, etc. New prolactin check saw it was back up to 1180, back on the bromocriptine. After about a year I moved to another country and consistently healthy I didn't think about the prolactin until about a year ago my depression and anxiety started getting out of control again.

I have responded pretty consistently to working out and eating healthy in terms of weight management though it seems that the second I stop the routine I blow up, and fast. Big belly, big breasts, wide upper back, headaches. In March I was at home and found making a cup of tea one of the hardest things in the world; my body felt like it was moving in liquid concrete and I realized I hadn't felt like that since 2011. So I asked the doc to test my prolactin and bam, I was up to 1572. I'm now on Dostinex as of today and already feel WEIRD. Some people apparently shut down within hours, it's been 4 for me and I feel like I could run around the block. Did anyone else feel this in the beginning? I'm mainly worried that I'm going to be one of those people who go manic on the medication.

Good luck to all of you. C
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It affects Dopamine so could make you manic if you are already a very focused/not easily distracted person? I am the opposite, I need stimulants to be normal these days. You have an interesting story and I think it reminds us all of those little steps along the way when you KNOW something is wrong but you just struggle along with all the weird symptoms.
I moved countries too but wasn't diagnosed at that point, however many of the issues I had earlier were misdiagnosed because I exhibited depressive symptoms and had anxiety.
It is pleasing to read you have been able to control your weight as many cannot. I know that weight gain is always harder for a woman where as men get somewhat of a pass unless they are obese.
The disease, its sypmtoms and ongoing challenges may not be life threatening once medicated but they are life altering and just make life harder.

I don't understand why you keep being taken off medication. Its really needed for maintenance.
I was taken off it for a short while to see how I would react and within two weeks I knew something was going wrong.
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