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Default Drinking...

Hello everyone!

I am headed to a friends bday party this weekend and would like to have a drink. I hear that Vodka doesn't raise the sugar as much or at all..(something like that) I am a fan of vodka but i was wondering if any of you could recommend a drink(s) to have w/o raising sugar so much or at all (x fingers)

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When I have a drink, which isn't too often, I always drink vodka and grapefruit juice. The juice doesn't have any sugar added, just natural grapefruit, and vodka is one of the lower calorie liquors. I've never gained weight from 2 drinks in one night.
Hope this helps!
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Almost all of the hard liquors have very few calories/carbs. It's the carbs in sweet drinks that spike BG.

So instead of a margarita, I'll have tequila and soda with lime.

I like rum and diet coke if I want something sweet. Another fave is red wine. Or bourbon and soda.

Even beer isn't as bad as a sweet fruity drink, carb/calorie wise.

One thing about alcohol is that when you drink, your liver focuses on that instead of spiking your BG. So if I have a more carb-laden dinner than usual, I often have a bourbon or red wine with dinner, to help keep my BG from spiking too much.

For instance, the other day I had a slice of cherry pie. Sugar, flour, all the stuff that would normally spike me high. I had a drink with it, and a teaspoon of chia seeds (which also can slow a spike), and monitored at one, two, and three hours. Granted, my BG was a little higher than normal longer, but I didn't get the huge spike I normally would have.

Not that I'm advocating drinking to control BG! But if you drink, you may want to do a bit more testing when you do, so you can see how your body reacts to the alcohol.
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