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Default Thursday Chat - June 22

Good Morning,

Sorry I've been MIA lately... we've just been sooooo busy at work and it stinks.

I'm doing okay with the eating part of my plan and exercise is getting better, I'm trying just to keep moving but its hard.

How are you?
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Good Morning all

Been rather busy around here as well. It coming to the end of the school year so we are in the wrapping up stage. DD16 has two exams to write and then she is done and DD14 is writing her last test today and has a field trip to a local lake tomorrow and is done until her final assembly on the 29th and then we are free. Right now I'm waiting to hear back from the school cousellor about DD14's schedule for next year as she has some learning difficulties and will be entering the high school and I don't want her lost in the "cracks". So its just a busy time. Thankfully the weather has been holding up nicely. Unfortunalty the house looks like a tornado ripped through it. I need a day at home with energy

Been doing my daily walks, eating has been hit and miss. TOM is two weeks late so I'm a "little" hormonal and so bloated I'm avoiding the scale. I'm suppose to go in for my pap, but with "things" being off its tough to schedule, so I finally broke down and made an appointment for just prescription refills. I'll deal with the other when my bod figures out what its doing, blah.

Anywhoo I hope everyone is doing great,
Take care,
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I have been doing really good lately. When the weather cooperates and I have a lot of outside time it does wonders for my psychie. I was gearing up for a walk to the grocery store and then to the park for t-ball today, then just a few minutes ago I talked to one of my sisters and found out that her DH drove to work instead of my DH. They work at the same place and carpool. My DH got her DH the job. Anyway, I just now looked out the window and realized that my car is here talk about a DUH moment. I just emailed DH at work to see if he is up for a walk back from park after game is over. If he is, we will still do it, if not then I guess we drive over, and I miss that little opportunity for a little more activity. There and back would be about a 5 mi walk. DS rides his bike and I put DD in the stroller. As much as I have been dragging DS (5) around this summer he is getting to be a good little bike rider. It is a lot of fun to watch. If I don't get the walk in I will still have water aerobics and I also discovered that the last 2 nights I went a little early and they are letting me do some laps to "warm up" I did 12 lengths the first night and 14 lengths last night. It is giving an extra pump up to the water aerobics. YAY!!!! Yesterday went with another sister to her company picnic the kids played all day and had a blast, but not so good with the eating. Oh well chalk it up to my cheat day and continue forward.

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sorry I've haven't been posting. For some reason, my computer disconnects when I'm here and have to reboot it manually. Very frustrating. R is trying to figure out why.
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Well I took my final Tues so that is a relief to have that over with. But the house needs to be cleaned and I just don't have the energy to do it. I get up and can do my exercising everyday (I exercise 6x/week) but then by the time I am showered and dressed I am so tired that the prospect of cleaning seems too much. :-( So I don't know. Hope everyone is having a good day!
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