Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

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Wink Tuesday Chat - May 9th

Good Morning,

Tis Tuesday

Whats shakin?
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Everything is shaking around here Leens!

I am off to the ER today.

Not much news.......went to bed early last night.....needed to rest up after the weekend.

Raining around here......but that is ok the grass needs it.

Talk soon!

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It's my Mom's Birthday today! I'm going to a dinner meeting tonight, it's going to be a longgggggggggg night! GRRRR!!! I got some cleaning done yesterday, still so much to do! It just never seems to end!
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Hi Gals
Healing just isnt FAST enough for me but I am trying to be patient.

Never thought I would be so anxious to return to work! I actually miss it!
I am such a people person.......................oh well!

I did venture out and bought a few flowers for the front porch yesterday!

We sold all 3 kayaks with no advertising! We were thrilled to sell them all in one week!

Summer is just around the corner and I cannot wait!

Later taters
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i'm new...I just posted my bio in the bio thread feel free to read
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One day at a time..
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CIN - You just reminded me that I have to get flowers for the front of my house lol.

I had an awesome BDay weekend, lol, I went up to NY for a visit. Had drinks with friends Friday and hung out with my brother Saturday. My dad was in a great mood all weekend.. Until I left to come back home. Now he's in his "I don't care if I live or die" state of mind. He's completely drowning in debt between his mortgage and bills. He hates his job and can't retire till he's 62 [he's 58 now]. He goes to a psychiatrist and is on Wellbutrin XL and Prozac, but they don't seem to be working. I don't know.. I feel so bad for him because of the circumstances, but he's so stubborn. He wants me to run his life for him, like a wife or something. He drives me nuts, ugh.

Oh well.. I got out of the house and went to a concert last night. I saw Mindless Self Indulgence, what a CRAZY show! The kids were going insane moshing and whatnot.. lol. I had fun

Anyhow.. I'm breaking the diet today for ice cream cake Otherwise, I've been really good haha. I broke the 200s, but just want to make sure it has stuck before I make a big deal out of it.

Hope everyone else is doing good!

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good morning gang

Leenie - thanks for the understanding words on the weekend thread. I do appreciate it! when is your boss out of the office?

Liz - glad you got to bed early. What a great idea! Hope the ER isn't too busy today!

Amanda - congrats on your mom's birthday! enjoy supper! why will it be a long night?

Hey Cin - I can't imagine going thru all the surgeries and healing you have been thru this year. I pray it goes really fast for you. Congrats on selling all the kayaks! Hey my front porch could use some flowers too

The dentist put a big glob of filling on top of my broken tooth yesterday. Says he can't crown it bec it is broken to the gum but at least he didn't make an appt with an oral surgeon to have it extracted....yet. Says I could live with that one missing tooth since it is the very back tooth but he is concerned about the tooth in front of it. If it breaks off and needs extracting too that I can't have 2 missing teeth and would need to do implants. So for today my teeth are ok, but I know it's just a matter a time. He suggested I start chewing everything on the other side - which is kind of like trying to write with my left hand - but I know it can be done. Someone mentioned that I needed to start saving my pennies for a couple of implants - heck I think I would have to sell an organ to pay for implants.

I tell ya - it's rough getting old

Hope everyone has a good day!
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hey candi - you and i were posting at the same time. glad you had a nice birthday weekend - happy birthday by the way! enjoy your ice cream today! and congrats on breaking the 200's I remember the feeling - it was awesome to hit the ONEderland! and it's all downhill from here!
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Good Morning all

Nice day here. Went for a nice little walk this morning. The wind is a little nippy tho.
Had a good weekend. Sunday was interesting with wind, rain and white stuff in the rain, yuck. But we had a fire in the backyard and got some stuff burnt at least some of the fallen trees got trimmed and some of the junk in the house out. The girls pulled out a ball and bat and were messing around trying to hit the ball. Around 3:30 the wind and rain quit so we stoked up the fire and pulled out the hotdogs. A good day except we all stunk and I had to do massive amounts of laundry and the girls shoes weren't completely dried out for school monday

I was wondering if I could ask for your prayers for a dear friend of mine. I finally got her on the phone last week, she is battling breast cancer. She has two more doses of chemo and then five weeks of radiation this summer. She is like a big sister to me and was telling me to "do the self exams" as that is how she found a small lump, that they removed, but 7 out of 11 lymph nodes had cells. She is only 49 and her boys are 16 and 14. I just feel so bad for her and her family. And while I have faith in modern medicine, I have way more faith in God. Her name is Priscilla. Thanks.

I should go and try and get something done.

Take care all,
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Default Abilify

Anybody ever heard of Abilify?
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Dream Big
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Leenie and Liz- Glad to see ya'll are doing ok.

Canadian_Mickey- hang in there! You will make it through the night honey! And no the cleaning never ends. It's the great cosmic joke. As soon as you get everything done you have to start all over again.

Cin- Hang in there hon! The recovery time might suck, but just remember how much better you'll feel when it's all over. Congrats on selling the kayaks!

thecanadian213- We have a great little group here. Pull up a keyboard and make yourself at home!

Candi- Happy Belated Birthday honey! I'm glad you had a good time in NY. I'm sorry to hear about your dad. Can you call his doctor and let them know about his state of mind? Maybe they'll change his meds or re-evaluate him for different treatment approach if the current treatment isn't working. WTG on breaking the 200's!

Cathy- I'm sorry you're going through sooo much with your teeth. That really sucks! All that pain and they're not even sure whether or not you'll end up with implants or if you'll be ok they way things are.

Buddly- Glad to hear you had a good weekend, and you got so much stuff done despite icky weather. WTG! I will definately send all the positive energy and well wishes I can out to your friend, and here's a for you too, cause I know it's got to be nerve wracking and awful to have someone you care for so deeply be soo sick.

Well all I got my workout in with DH last night I weighed in this morning at 198.2 but I won't officially weigh in for a couple of more days so I'm hoping it truly is a loss cause I really need a boost.We had our meeting with the school today to see if DS qualifies for special education preschool services. They said that his delays are within the range and he does qualify, so he'll be starting in the fall, when school resumes after summer break. So when school goes back all 3 of my kids will be going. One into 5th grade, one into Kindergarten, and one into preschool. I'm mixed about this. While I know it'll be good for him to get the speech therapy and special ed. services I have to let my last baby go to school 2 years before I thought I would, so I'm a little sad right along with the happy.
I don't know if it's because I'm in pain all the time or because I'm still so limited on the stuff I can do (even the way I can sleep) or maybe because I haven't slept well since the accident (I can't get into a comfprtable position that doesn't hurt my knee worse), or maybe it's just the downward cycle of the bi-polar...I don't know, but I ain't doing so well. The last couple of days have been really hard. I can feel the depression setting in and I am trying my hardest to fight it off but...well you guys understand...sometimes it isn't that easy. I feel like crying all the time and I'm really irritable and I want to sleep..ALOT. DH says I'm being a ***** to be around and that makes me feel worse. He's trying so hard to make things better or easier around here for me I don't want to be that way towards him. I just can't help it. I'm trying soo hard and I can't seem to get my mood under control. All I want is just one full day with no screaming kids (or hubby yelling at the kids), no housework or meals to worry over, no running all over **** and back doing errands and pick ups or drop offs or going for tests or physical therapy or to the gym. I just want a day to be by myself, and I know there's no way I can get that and that's frustrating. I just want to hole up in my bedroom and cry and cry. I have been trying really hard lately to be positive and upbeat around everyone..even in here..even when I don't feel that way cause I know this is my problem and no one else should have to hear me whine.. but today I just can't. I'm sorry. I needed to let some of this out before I exploded. I feel so lost right now, so sad. God, I hate this!! I mean I tell DH I'm getting depressed and his response is "no, you're not allowed". I mean he means it in a joking way, but this isn't a joke. I go to him for support and he admits he doesn't know how to give me the kind of support I need because he doesn't understand. Then he gets into a bad mood which of course makes everything worse. So other than you guys I feel like I'm alone. I'm alone in dealing with this, trying to make it through each day, trying to make myself feel better. I can't go back into therapy because we can't afford the $65 a visit. I don't want to be back on the meds again cause they never found a combo that worked for me and I was shelling out a couple of hundred $'s a month on meds that weren't working, or meds that were constantly changing and I can't afford that either. i can't find a therapist around here that I'm comfortable with. It's such a mess. All I have is ya'll. Coming in here everyday ( or as much as I can) keeps me going. It really helps to have people understand what you're going through. Thanks for being there for me guys! I know that none of us have actually met face to face but you guys are truly my friends, and I appreciate all of you. Maybe someday when one of us hits the lottery we can all fly out and meet up somewhere and have a party to celebrate one another, our triumphs and our friendships. Now there's something to wish for! Anyway I gotta go. The kids are tearing up the house, yelling at eachother, and giving me a headache and I have to go get DD#1 from school soooo....I'll "see" ya later. TTYL

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Hi guys...

I am totally off my AD now for over 2 months... like most people I have good days and bad days but I am getting there! I do feel I whole heap better for being off the AD though and I went back to work last week!
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Buddly of course I will pray for your dear friend. Its to scary to even think about what she is going through and her family too. HUGS

Liz, have a good night !!

Amanda, say Happy Belated Birthday to your Mom from us. Hope you had a great day.

Maz, I'm crossing my fingers for yah... congrats on feeling good w/no AD meds

Heather I can only imagine what your going thru. First not feeling well and second battling depression on top... double whammy. Pain alone will make you really depressed after a while, its frustrating to say the least. Take some deep breaths, cry when you have to, don't hold it in and hang in there hon, and yes, we are here for you.

Missy (missmuffet) I've heard of that stuff but never tried it... is that what your taking?

Cathy, geeeeeze, sorry to hear about your teeth, geepers.

Cin I can't wait until summer too, all I wanna do is soak in the pool and enjoy the sun. How are you feeling besides anxious to return to work LOL.


Candi, I'm glad you had a great weekend and birthday...what kinda ice cream did you have

Hope I got everyone
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