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Smile Wednesday log/chat, April 19

Where is everyone this morning?

I've been dealing with both good and bad news in the last day. The good news is: OUR HOUSE SOLD FOR THE ASKING PRICE! There's a lot to be done...packing things up, having a yard sale, FINDING A PLACE TO RENT , etc. In the midst of all this comes my ankle biopsy tomorrow. I don't know what kind of shape I'm going to be in after this, but my mobility will definetely be affected! I'm even wondering if my insurance would cover the rental of a 'hoverround' while I'm regular chair is too wide to get through most doorways in the house. Needless to say, I'm praying about this!

The bad news is that, after 10 + surgeries for cancer, the doctors have told my friend Angie that there's not much more they can do. Her type of cancer (soft tissue carcoma) doesn't respond to radiation or chemo. I'm still waiting for an update on her condition . Please pray for her and her family. She has four kids..a 20 year old, and 3 teenagers still at home. She's been fighting this battle for the last 4 1/2 years. Maybe God has another miracle left for her.

Going to get some
to everyone!
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good morning gang it's nuts here at the office and I haven't been able to get on the internet before now.

I am really glad to say that I finally got myself up at 5:00 this morning and got in 2 miles with Leslie before getting cleaned up and ready for work

Boy you don't realize how much some exercise is really doing for you until you take a big break from it and try to do what you were doing before - yikes! But hopefully I'm on the verge of getting back on track.

Hey Joanne - it's so good to see ya girlie! that is awesome news about your house selling. Sounds like things will be really wild for you tho with the move and all. That is hard enough to do when you don't have feet problems. Goodness - how in the world will you do everything you need to do after the ankle biopsy??? I am praying for you girlie. I hope you get lots of help with the move. That is really sad news about your friend. I will be praying for her and her family! goodness!

Liz - did you get to bed early last night?

Tippy - your place sounds like a tornado went thru there How ya holding up? When are y'all hoping to be finished with the remodeling?

And how is the rest of our gang today?
Hope everyone has a BLESSED day!
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Joanne, sorry to hear about your friend. It's a real tragedy. She'll be in my prayers.

Cathy, great job on the 5:00 am 2 miles! I tried to get up at 8 to do my wtp but I don't know why I couldn't get out of bed.

Tonight's my weigh-in/consultation!!! I'm not looking forward to it, because I'm positive I've gained the past 2 weeks. All that binge eating. sigh.

Does anyone here wake up and feel like you CAN'T exercise and diet sometimes? I felt this way this could be the weather.
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Hey everyone........worked a few hours, haircut and brow wax.......going out of town for a couple nights to a nursing conference. Might bring hubby for a little get away....haven't decided.....

No I didn't go to bed early and I am dragging........I need to be asleep by 10 pm or I really find the mornings hard.

Joanne sorry about your friend.......the loss of a mother is most difficult. Congrats on selling your house. Good luck with your ankle/mobility issues.

Cathy congrats on getting your walking in! You rock!

PNB good luck with your weigh is tough to keep the motivation up! Hang in there.

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