Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

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I know exactly how you feel. I can really tell that you are a very intelligent girl. This is extremely hard, especially when you have morons like your teacher around.

Really I can empathize with you because I know how you feel. I have two children one of which is eight months old. I'm trying to exercise and diet and I'm a full time student. I can tell you that you will run in to teachers like this the rest of your life. I have teaches that always make fun of accounting majors (I'm in business school and I'm an accounting major). High school is tough just make try and make it through.

As far as exercise goes I just do it. I am pretty sure they give lunch brakes. Most schools have a track. You could walk around that on your lunch brake. Don't worry what people think either. When you are in high school it seems like the social aspect is so important. Really though when you get older you will see that all the worry is for nothing. All the way through school I ate lunch by myself and had no friends. I made it through and I know you can too.

Hopefully I can fit in here. There seems to be no other place for me on the 3fc forum.
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Happygirl, we're glad to have you here..... I hope you've been reading around the boards, the ladies here are just wonderful. Just plop in anywhere and start chatting away.
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Here are a few of my thoughts --

I like to cook up some chicken breasts on the weekend (just in a non-stick frying pan with a little water in the bottom and a lid to keep the steam in) until they are done and then to cut them into strips and refridgerate them to use during the week.

I make a wrap with a whole wheat tortilla , some hummus/laughing cow cheese wedge/blackbean dip/low-fat mayo, 3 oz chicken breast, a big handful of lettuce or spinach. I also take a BIG salad and add some reduced fat dressing. Maybe also a cheese stick or a yogurt.
This is easy to make ready the night before and just pack up for lunch. You can get some low-fat healthy choice (or other brand) lunch meat if you don't want to cook the chicken breasts to make it even easier. Use different spreads (hummus, low-fat bean dip, different low-fat cheeses, dressings, etc) on the wrap to mix it up so you don't get bored.

I noticed that once I started taking a regular multivitamin and eating better/healthier foods, I started to feel so much better and less tired -- even though I get up early and waork hard, too! Give it a week or two and you may find that you have more energy, too.

Exercise also has a way of decreasing stress and increasing energy, even though that seems counter-intuitive. Try and aim for about 20/30 minutes a day RIGHT WHEN you get home from school. Make it a priority... get home, do 20 or so minutes of cardio, then wash your face, grab a glass of water, grab a healthy snack and start on homework until dinner time. On days when you have a little more time or 2 times a week, try a little weight training using cans of soup if you don't have weights.

If you get into MUST EAT STRESS ANGER WHATEVER mode, try baby carrots with some low-fat ranch dip, or cucumbers and some hummus. The crunchy is nice to help you overcome some of that stress.

Some nice after-school snack ideas:
- A few wheat crackers with a laughing cow cheese wedge
- Some cottage cheese with pineapple
- A piece of string cheese with some bell-pepper strips
- A tortilla baked in the oven for a few minutes with salsa
- Spread a piece of low-fat ham with a Tbsp of low-fat cream cheese and wrap around a pickle spear, then crunch away.
- Veggies and hummus or low-fat dressing or dip.

I hope this helps, good luck!!
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I have the exact same problem. I live about 30 miles from my school, so I take the school bus, and the bus stops are too far apart to walk to a different one. I leave at 7 am in the morning and get home at 7 pm if I stay after for activities. My gym teacher hasn't made us do anything in gym for months but sit around and watch Disney movies (on the plus side, I know now all the words to Beauty & the Beast, The Fox & the Hound, and The Little Mermaid...) I don't do sports. And I'm a really picky eater, so I end up eating chips & stuff for lunch because I can't stand the school lunch. I also hate lettuce. I also have a week off coming up, and I eat whenever I'm bored, so I think I might gain like 500 pounds this week. (My two best friends are in Texas for the week, so it's not like I can do things with them to keep from being bored.) Hellllp. I also need food suggestions...what to eat for lunch, and even dinner, since all my mom cooks are things like lamb which I can't stand to eat.
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Hey Ladies!
thanks for all the ideas and input. I am definitley going to take PhysDom's advise about food and excersise. THANKS SOO MUCH! Also, thank you happiegirl for saying I am an intelligent girl! You are so sweet! And inkaholic, if you ever want to chat about anything with excersie,school, food I have aim and my sn is BaybieFrosh x3 so feel free to IM me.

I am happy to report that I am doing better now that I am getting back on track. I have been writing down what I eat and I have also been excersisng. the danceprogram at my school is having our show shortyl so I am getting a lot of excersise through practice and such. I have lost 2 lbs this week!!! I am so proud. Not a lot of weight I guess but its still something.

Thanks girls and if you have any recipes or any otehr idea let me know!

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Hey, I give you props for trying so hard to lose weight in high school. I'm nearing the end of my senior year now and it's TOUGH!! We have donuts every Thursday morning in homeroom, they serve pizza for lunch everyday and although I bring my own lunch I'm tempted often, and my friends are always offering me goodies. Not to mention I love baking for my friends! Keep up the good work For me, diet and exercise has really helped me recover from my depression. It gives me something to work for. Good luck <3
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I'm not a teen but I'm the mom of a teen and know how tough high school can be nowadays. Especially when you're trying to cope with more than just doing well academically. I hope you don't mind hearing from an "old lady"!

I'm so glad you're feeling better, and I agree, you sound not only like an intelligent young woman, but a kind and compassionate one, as well. Good for you!

One food item I didn't see mentioned is hard boiled-eggs (protein source). You can make a few at a time and pop them in the fridge for later. They go well at lunch (just remember to bring something to wrap the shells up in so they don't smell). Also, the new individually packed tuna is quite nice. Some of the packs have 5oz -- that may be a bit much (some plans say you're supposed to have 3-4oz of protein), some have only 3oz and come with a tiny pack of crackers, if crackers are of interest to you.

I'm just thinking tuna and eggs are a nice change of pace from cheese (a food I can easily live without) and chicken, which you said you didn't like anyway. They also travel well. You might check in the cafeteria -- don't most schools have hard-boiled eggs?

Keep up the good work, KristenElizabeth, we're all cheering for you!
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Thanks for all your support everyone!!

I am having a tough week. I went out ot dinner with some family which is not eqasy for me because for some reason I tend to get nervous in restraunts and in any social situation. Just part of being me anyway, I ate really BAD food tonight. Chocolate cake with ice cream and a cappuccino for dessert! sinful! I will just workout tomorrow a lot. Especially because I am off from school yeay!

Thanks for all the food ideas. I will make a note about that.

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