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Default Tuesday Chat - December 27th

Good Morning,

How is everyone today?

Now it feels like Christmas is over, there is a calm in the air once more lol. But I still don't want to take down my tree yet

Today I tackle the computer room (hubby's office), its HORRID !!! any takers? lol

And, I have to do better eating today, Yesterday I did okay but not as good as I should have. Dang chocolate

How are you all dealing with leftovers ?
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Hey Leens

You are up early! I am going to work in the ER today and then work Thursday and then off until the 2nd.

I don't have any leftovers as I didn't entertain this year. I regifted all the junk I got in gift baskets, and the baking that doesn't get eaten at the in-law xmas today goes to work Thursday.........gone in a flash there.

Hubby has his ferro roche's that he enjoys......I just am not really tempted...but I did have ripple chips and a corona last night before I went to bed. That is my downfall.

I am really ready to get back in shape this year. Hope the feeling lasts.

Have a good day everyone!

I did my office on xmas eve Leens.....promised my self I would and I did it. Feels good.......goal of this week is to pick up dd's hamster.....the longer we put it off the harder it will get.

Bye for now!

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Good morning. Hey! Christmas isn't over until the Wise Men get here and that's January 6. That's when my tree comes down. Today is only the third day of Christmas. There should have been three French hens at the feeder this morning instead of a cardinal and a bluejay. They sure were pretty in the sunshine.

I think I'm getting myself back together after my pre-Christmas Day funk. This week I'm taking care of a bunch of niggly things and writing thank you notes. I want to go into 2006 with a clean slate. It HAS to be better than 2005!

It sounds like we are all moving forward but LEAVE THE TREE UP, LEENIE! It's still Christmas!
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Hey Ruth I noticed the ticker moved down!
Congrats. I try to keep mine up until the 6th but it is so hard.......I at least keep it up until New Years.

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Hello everyone
I am fairly new to the group and dont post much - I thought if I post more oftern it will keep me in the right mind set.
I have a few left overs in the frig - they are all from my family's get together. I brought some for my kids and Dh but limited to sweets coming in to my house - so I wouldn't be tempted!!
I am really feeling good about the holidays and my weight - I weigh in this evening at WW so tomorrow - I hope to have good news with another weight loss.
I have to work today and then my daughter has a bowling match this evening. So I will be ready for supper about 7pm this evening!!
Will have to find a nice snack for later this afternoon
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Break time at work...sent macaroni & cheese, cheese cake and other assorted temptations with my kids to take to their apartment--(my DD & her dog moved in with my DS who needed a roomate after her husband left her)
The shirts I bought DH for Christmas were tight (along with the ones he has been squeezing into)--he has picked up some weight too--it was leftover veggies with light done right dressing for us yesterday....
I was bad this year--we didn't even put up a tree....but I usually leave ours up until after New Years...
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Hi everyone, I admit I took down my tree yesterday. I can not stand having all the clutter in my house after Christmas. I've always been that way. I was depressed yesterday morning until I realized it was all the messiness. So I took it down and cleaned my house. I felt much better.

It's cold and rainy here today. We had turkey for Christmas Eve and I'm going to make turkey noodle soup with it today. Sounds like a light and tasty meal after all the food from the holidays. I'm also going to make Sweet Oatmeal Bread for a great dinner.

I hope everyone else is doing great. I'm on my second of two weeks off. The first was spent in Minnesota with my parents. I am very happy to be home but I worry about my parents. They are definitely geteting older and that's sort of hard to watch.

Well, time to make soup. I'll chat with you all tomorrow.
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Hi everyone...I've been swamped with work and the holiday stuff....

I did a small live tree this year (I couldn't set up the big one with my broken wing) so it's still up and looks very *neat*..

But I just checked the market....GULP! that's enough to depress Howdy-Doodie! sigh, maybe next year.....
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We usually keep ours up until New Years, but I spent the day taking ours down and getting my living room cleaned up. It took most of the day and I have never been so glad to have it done. I have a lot of things to do the rest of the week and knew it would be the only time I could get to it.

Tomorrow is errands, and gotta make time to see an good friend that is in from Oklahoma. One day this week I will get the rest of my house cleaned so I can head back to work on Monday *sigh*. I wish the end of the year didn't fall right after Christmas.

Hope everybody has a good night.

It's good to see so many posting!

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We didn't put up a tree this year because it becomes such a challenge. Our living room has FIVE doors and THREE windows! Oy vey! Roger put out some decorations and it looks nice.

We went to the childrens program on Christmas Eve at church as usual and DD and her family came over for awhile.

We then went to regular services on Sunday. Roger became almost speechless because Pastor made it a big point to recognize Roger's efforts for the church during a very black and dismal time. His leadership was definitely Godsent. Pastor followed that with having everyone sing "Happy Birthday" to Roger as his birthday is this week. Bless him. We didn't do much the rest of the day except laundry and Roger cut wood.

Yesterday, he didn't have to work so we headed for the city. I hit the fabric store bigtime and spent almost $40.00, but that will make quite a lot of clothing and crafts.

Today, he isn't feeling well but he worked from home anyway. I hope he feels better soon as there is nothing more "sick" than a sick man!
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Hi Julie and Its nice to hear your feeling good about your weight, seems like this time of year everyone is kinda down b/c of all the eating. Let us know how you make out at your weigh-in... GOOD LUCK !!!

Liz have a good night at work, and good for you for bringing in your leftover goodies to work. Out of site out of reach. My weakness is thick chips too mmmm mmmm. I just threw out a bag today b/c I was eating them even when I wasn't hungry. OY!!

Jules there are some years when I don't wanna put up a tree b/c I just run out of time. Don't worry, there's next year. Hugs.

Ruthie, I'm keeping the tree up until next year. I have off next week so I'll be able to put it away then. Good to see your ticker moving in the right direction again Love yah !!!

Marie, a messy house gets me very depressed so I can't blame you for cleaning it and putting away the tree early. My house is always full of clutter no matter how hard I try to lean it. I'm glad you got to see your parents. Hugs !!!! Sweet Oatmeal bread???????? oh do tell do tell.

TIPPY my big sister, whatcha been up to besides spending a small fortune in the fabric store LOL. Watch gonna make and what colors? I hope Roger feels better. I sware everyone is sick around here, not one home is sick free. Give my love to R and tell him I said Happy Birthday !!!

Cathy you too with the cleaning lol. Don't blame you. Seems no matter how much I clean, my house is still messy. Can't figure it out. I think I need that clean sweep show to come and get rid of all my crap lol. Enjoy your friends company. Hugs.

Marble, how long b/4 you can do stuff with your arm? So sorry to hear its still hurting. Do you get off any time this season? Take care of yourself.

Nighty night ladies............. HUGS !!
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