Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

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Talking Monday Chat, October 24th

Good Morning Chickies,

Look at this LOL Love the dancing carrot.

Well its Moanday

Whats everyone got planned for the week, exercise? diet? do you plan your meals or just deal with it as they come up?

Have a good week
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good morning little chickadees

It was 45 and breezy at my house early this morning. wooooooohoooooooo fall is finally here

My desk is swamped this morning and the phone is crazy. I think people figure if they start calling first thing on Monday you might get to them this week I wish!

Leenie - lately I've been doing the Hurricane Rita diet and just eating what I can when I can, but it has turned into eating what I want when I want. No exercise except for running around like a chicken with my head cut off, but I had a little talk with myself last night and decided it is time to get back on track. This morning I had a protein shake for breakfast and brought honey nut cheerios and milk for lunch. It was the healthiest thing I could grab and much better then the free Popeyes Fried Chicken I ate a couple of times last week ;-)

Normally, I try to plan ahead and I'm trying to get back to normal.

I am also trying to talk myself into getting up earlier sometime this week and to get back to my walking. I NEED IT!

Oh my scale is down another pound. I almost couldn't believe it.

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Good Morning!
This is my first day back OP from the Depression let me devour everything in sight diet I've been on for a week and a half!
I 'm looking at getting a manual treadmill (ofcourse DH doesn't know this but I bought him a just because present!) and maybe a table top speed bag (boxing)
Cathy woohoo on the pound! your headless chicken running has paid off
btw mmmm Popeyes!
We're moving next weekend so I'm trying to get the bulk of my cooking done yesterday today and tommorrow so we can pack our dishes and pans
So far I have a chock full of veggies chili
Tonight I am whipping up my famous Crustless Spinach Quiche and either a london broil or a Zitiless Baked Ziti (it's fully experimental I'll let you know!)
exercise will be my 2 PT appts
We need this rain to stop its makign me feel 92 instead of 29!
Bbl Chickies
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Hellllooooo lovely ladies!!! Yes Leenie I too love the carrot!
Well thank goodness the weekend is over. I hate when my routine gets messed up and this weekend it was all over the place! I stayed on plan this past week! It was no small thing either. We had pizza one night (I'm a pizza-a-holic, could eat a whole one by myself), I controlled myself!! I stayed within range on fat and calories. And then I was getting crabby cause I was craving doughnuts and didn't want to blow things so I abstained. Well DH brought me one home as a treat and said "it's only one, I only bought one, so have a treat. You can't go overboard on something that I only got one of." So I did..and I was still within range for the day (high end of range, but still within). I think I am getting over this flu thing. I am feeling much better DH has got it and the kids are sick too. But they just have colds I think. At least I feel well enough to take care of them! Tomorrow is weigh day. I am keeping my fingers crossed! I hope that the scale has moved at least 1/2 pound this week and not just stayed the same. I've been soooo good!

Cathy- you're trying to get back to normal...were any of us ever normal? I wish you luck getting back on track, but honestly honey no one can blame you for falling off I mean look at what's going on right now! But I know you can do it!!

Leenie- let's see what's planned for the week....laundry, grocery store tomorrow, and let the rest of the week worry about itself. As far as planning my food. I usually just plan the next day's meals right before I go to bed. It makes my brain hurt to try and plan too far in advance!

Kierie- glad you're back on the wagon and feeling better!! Moving is a pain! GL with getting those meals done and ready to go!

Well ladies I'll catch up with ya'll later. I gotta go pamper the poor sick children who are whiny and crabby and needy .

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Mornin Leenie, Kathy, Kierie, and Heather!

I am happy to be over my cold this week and back on my blessed caffeine

Tore something in my shoulder/neck a little over a week ago, and aggravated it again this weekend. Am trying to take it easy and hope it will heal itself. Everyone is pressing me to call my HMO, but I figure they will just hand me pain meds and at best tell me to see a chiropractor. They must be in on this conspiracy that assumes I have a lot of time on my hands... we'll see.

Weekend was a total waste due to shoulder/neck problems and pure laziness in the food department (all my fault, really). Thinking about buying a Tae Bo video, people on 3FC seem really excited about it and I need to put more emphasis into exercise and feeling better, not just my diet. Plus I think I have BF's b-day gifts figured out, so want to spend a little $$ on a reward for myself. Due to car problems and all that haven't had a lot to spare lately. Anyone on here do Tae Bo? Wouldn't mind some feedback before I buy. Hope all you ladies are havin a great day!
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Hello Leenie, Cathy Heather Kierie and Miles and Hello to Everyone Else

Another Bad Day... I wish they would end...

I'm trying to diet and stay on track with eating healthy, but My mood says otherwise.. I seem to eat whatever.. mostly some chips, carrots, celery, cauliflower, broccoli and french onion dip.. so mostly healty

Exercise has been semi cleaning, but other than that.. nothing.. I need to get back to it.

I use to plan every meal BUT I just don't seem to care lately.. I have to get back into that to..

Everything else in life just sticks right now.. and other then my DD and DS... I am at the point where I don't care about anything and just want to curl up into a ball and sleep and sleep and do nothing else. So now I can't wait until Friday.. I can't be this way around my kids. They are the only thing holding me together when all I want to do is fall apart and crawl into the biggest hole I can find and stay there. All these feelings are not me.. It's been a little over 7 years since I last felt this way and my friends at the time brought me out of it and save me from myself. I don't like any of the thoughts that run through my head when I think to long. Even just typing seems to help. I don't know..

Well kids are up to no good.. so I have to run..

OH I did have a good thing happen.. I weighed in today and I am down to 138 and staying there for the second week in a row..

Sorry for the depressing rant...
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Steph, take care of yourself and don't worry about depressing rants. Most of us have all been there. That's why this thread is so important to us. Just like it's good to not be alone dieting, it's good not to be alone in depressing thoughts. I can relate with the wanting to sleep. Truly it is my favorite pastime. I do hope you're getting yourslef to the doctor soon so that the depression can be stopped.

Miles, I have Tae Bo tapes. I bought the set basic and Advanced about 5 years ago. Anyway, I think an Olympian would have trouble doing the Advanced - I gave it away after trying it once. I do really like the basic tape and it's great on a day when people piss you off. Just punching at the air relieves the tension and keeps the desire to hoard the refrigerator away. Lately I only walk/hike for my exercise. I read last week that those whoe make a commitment to walk dogs lose an average of 14 pounds during the year. So I walk my dogs about 5 times per week for about 45-60 minutes. I've been doing that for about a month, but last weeks article just reinforced it. Plus it make my dogs happy.

Leenie, sorry DD isn't feeling well. That's really hard on the parents. I remember the days when my kiddies were young and sick. Their misery is your misery.

Heather, that was really sweet of your DH to bring you one doughnut. He really put thought and caring into that. How cool!!!

Kierie, zitiless baked ziti??? Isn't the ziti the good part? Good for you getting back OP. Seems several of us are struggling with our depression these days. I'm really trying to use my lightbox but am thinking of calling the dr. if it doesn't let up soon.

Cathy, I have this picture in my mind of your house with the downed trees and the happy fall decorations. Way to go on trying to get a little normalcy in your world. Know that we're all thinking of you.

I went on a nice hike with DH and hte doggies today. I didn't feel like huffing and puffing my way up the mountain trail, but I did it. Felt good. The sun was shining and about 70 degrees. It was a very nice day off. I'm making spicy cajun chicken fettucine with homemade sour dough bread for dinner. I'm trying to be really good till then so I don't feel guilty about such a scumptuous meal.

I guess that's about it. Talk with you all later.
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I love the carrot also!
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