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Default Monday Chat~4/25

hey it's almost noon here in Louisiana!!!!!
and nobody has started up our thread for day???
where is everybody at???
I'm running out the door and will be back later.
ya'll better get in here and tell us what ya are doin!
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I'm here dev day here so no school so a nice relaxed one.

Getting a pedicure today.......left over birthday present.......need it desperatly........

Kids both have play dates.......did some tidying........just a quiet day today.

Have a good one everyone!

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prepare for the BEST time
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Gee, I would have started the thread this morning.....but I couldn't think of an "M" food word for Monday and didn't want to be repetitious...........(I used Milkshake last week)

the only thing that came to mind was "Moosehead" (like the beer).

I'm at work, new med. student group, had a nice weekend, cleaned, shopped....ahem, had a real DATE with someone who seems NICE, I'm still scratching my head at the thought someone might find me physically ATTRACTIVE.....I feel like a tub....HOWEVER, I am newly motivated and didn't eat badly and addition to heavy-duty cleaning.

I have a giant steamer-cleaner, it holds a quart of water (its so powerful I could blast the hair right off the cat). These things are great, I don't even scratch my manicure, no chemicals, blasts the mold off bathroom tile too....all you need is a roll of paper-towels.
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Well I jumped off the wagon because I thought I might be pregnant. In the end I'm not pregnant. So it's back on the wagon and I've decided that I can still lose the weight while trying to get pregnant. As soon as I get preggers I can stop, but still eat healthy. Sorry for being outta the loop ladies.
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Hi Gals
Dori...sorry you were not if you want to be...good luck!

Marble..quit downing yourself gal........OUR self worth has nothing to do with our kind to yourself.glad you had fun on the date!

Hi Leens & Liz & Cathy

See you all later

Running back to work.well actually driving!

I did walk 2 miles before work this morning.yeah me!
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prepare for the BEST time
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Unfortunately, my weight always dictates my self-image.... I'm working on that part of my insecurity....
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Marbleflys, what is the brand name of your cleaner?

What am I doing? Oy vey! I'm typing the minutes of our last two church meetings, cleaning a bit, stripping the woodwork, crocheting, sewing, talking to DD, listening to DH mutter under his breath and muttering unChristian words under my breath about our wireless connection. It sucks.

Nothing interesting happening here. It's raining and Goldie got a bit wet and since he met up with that skunk in February, he smells. I fear the only way to get that stink out of his fur is to shave him. Then he'd be cold and/or get a sunburn.

Oops, gotta leave. Got company!
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prepare for the BEST time
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Tippy, you will have to shave the poor dog, but his hair will grow back fast (like a chia-pet) can spray him with the child version of coppertone sunblock #30.

My wonder-steamer is made by "Euro-pro", it is heavy-duty 1800 watts with a stainless steel tank and the floor cleaner towel attachment, or a wire brush, or a nylon brush or a squigee or just a needle-pointy streamer thing that I use to do grout & tile cleaning. My mom bought me this thing about 3 years ago, it was $185.00 or there about. One of the BEST cleaning tools I have ever used. it is super powerful...

Tippy weren't you using some new type of supplement the last couple of weeks?
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Hi all, I had the day off and spent it putzing around. I worked on stained glass and counted cross stitch. I was a really nice day - outside and in my head. I'm definitely feeling better now that spring is starting to show up. I started my garden a few weeks ago and it's overtaking my windows - I need to get outside and plant everything.

I'm doing good on staying on track but I definitely need to exercise more. That's my downfall.

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